October 30, 2017

5 Bedroom decoration ideas

Hello, how are? It’s been ages since I last posted here. Thank you for your patience whilst I was trying to finish my thesis. I am back now and ready to get into a regular posting mode, starting with an interior post today: 5 Bedroom decoration ideas!

1 // If you have a bay window in your bedroom then you are a lucky one. There are so many options to fully take advantage of this beautiful corner, however the best to do is create a bench following the bottom window frame. Think of all the peaceful moments drinking tea and watching outside the window. Pure bliss!

5 bedroom decoration ideas

2// Create a wall display using these rectangular wall hangings wooden shelves. Here’s a similar one I found here. They add so much character in the room and its the perfect space to frame your holiday pictures.

3// Speaking of frames, here is another way to display your funny life moments. Buy a cheap frame from a charity shop, paint it in your favourite colour and hang your family shots next on top of the sofa. So much fun!

4// Kristina’s house is a perfect example that IKEA furniture can give you a luxury home without stealing the bank! Clever hacks like baskets, rounded mirrors, plants and carpets can make the trick for you. I love how she made this beautiful composition of books, candles and frames in different sizes!

5// Don’t be afraid to add some colour! Some people don’t realise it but colours have a magic power and affect our psychology. Create some contrast by painting one (or as seen in the case of the picture above) multiple walls and create a relaxing ambiance. Preferably you should keep it minimum to 3 colours as more than this might not create the relaxing effect you should be looking for in your bedroom. Thomas Sanderson has created a Psychology of Colour Guide  complete with shade suggestions for each room! Here are two of my favourite ones::



What’s your favourite room? Do you have any deco hacks to suggest?

Images via:: 1, 2, 3.



  1. What a beautiful post, I love interior suggestions as me and my boyfriend have just bought are first house-whoop whoop!
    Please write another one with desk solution ideas?

    Thanks J.

    • Fantastic news Jessica congratulations on buying your first house! That must be so exciting and filled with fun projects!x

  2. Welcome back Anastasia, I have missed your blog posts and I was so happy to see you on my Bloglovin feed this morning!
    The rounded mirror, plants in the bedroom is my fav combo atm. Inexpensive and very Scandi 😉

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