October 16, 2016

A perfect day in the Scottish countryside (written by Cruz)!


Hi all,

Cruz here, after popular demand I decided to take over the blog once again. Today we went on a countryside adventure with mum and dad. Sadly, my grandparents were travelling and they took along with them uncle Mikey, the Rottweiler, so I missed the chance to be re-united with him and play around the garden.

Nevertheless, mum and dad got me into that red thing that moves us from one city to another, I think it’s called car, and I hate it. I tried to take a wee nap in that car thing, because it’s so boring just to sit and wait. I’d better chase black birds or eat things from the floor…



After, what felt like a dog century, we made it to the grandparents house. I made sure uncle Mikey was indeed not there by checking every single room myself, and to my disappointment mum and dad were right, he wasn’t. I left my mark outside the door though, so that he knows I’ve been here.

As much as I love our garden, there’s nothing like a walk in the fields, and dad knows this, so he got his boots on and off we went…



Mum followed along with her camera, but no one really cares about this. Chasing birds, sniffing the hay and eating soil is by far more exciting than posing in front of the lens.

The hay was freshly cut and was just in the perfect height so I could go running around without any obstacles. Daddy and mummy were not keen on running around the fields so I had to stop, look back and make sure they were following. I didn’t want them to get lost and be anxious of me not finding them again. Humans are weird you know, and a dog must do what a dog has to do and keep an eye on them!


^ ^ Checking if mum and dad are following me, you never know when they might get lost in the fields ^ ^ 


Thankfully, they let me run up and down the field, doing my own spacial investigation, until they got this thing around my neck again, which is pretty much my nightmare as it doesn’t allow me to run as fast as I want, or go anywhere I want.



And then, I met the scariest creatures ever! I was staring at them and they were staring at me but there was no communication, no sniffing, no barking. I asked them a thousand times
‘who are you’, 
‘why are you so big’, 
‘what are you doing here’?
But they were all so rude not to answer either of my questions.
I couldn’t hide my irritation and annoyance, where are their manners-I thought, and so dad pulled me away and gave me a biscuit to calm me down. A biscuit always makes things better!



Just when snacking was over, I came upon another bunch of weird creatures, but I wasn’t much fascinated by that point. Strangers are going to be strangers I suppose, so I totally ignored them and kept walking towards home.

It is getting a bit colder as well, so I am not much keen on staying outside, I kind of miss my blanket and warm bed.



Right now we are back in my grandparents garden and dad is collecting wood and tinder to have a bonfire, so I’ll better finish this post here and go help dad. I mean, if I am being truly honest with you sometimes I am wondering, what would he do without me in this world?

Wait dad, I am coming! Here’s some tinder.

Yours faithfully,


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