July 20, 2017

My healthy kitchen

Aberdeen blogger, Scottish blogger

Being an Aberdeen blogger sometimes can be mundane in comparison with other Scottish bloggers (especially Glasgow bloggers, hello ladies!), as there’s very rarely something exciting happening in the city to report back to you guys. However, there are some times when Mr. Weather treats  us to some really lovely days – sunny and warm – and being an Aberdeen blogger looks like the best thing ever as Aberdeen looks a dreamy place to live! In an effort to make the most of these days, I took Emma (that’s my bike in case you are a new reader) for a ride around the city and then settled to have picnic in the park!  And yes I carried the tray and dishes all the way with me!

Mia joined us… ^^ look at her cute little paws ^^

Aberdeen blogger, Scottish blogger

^^ whats that? Can I get a lick?^^


Sniffing my lunch suspiciously, possibly wandering what are these white stuff in the bowl.

Aberdeen blogger, Scottish blogger

It’s been a week now that I have been living off Myhk meals. So far I’ve tried the pea, mint and rocket risotto, the prawn katsu (my favourite) and the oriental chicken with rice noodles (that I took with me in the park). All were delicious and did only good to my body, which is a win-win situation!

Aberdeen blogger, Scottish blogger

Aberdeen blogger, Scottish blogger

The chicken pieces were very tender but what really made the dish tasty was the curry oriental sauce.  All the Myhk products come in with a sauce to spice up the meal and having a great selection that can satisfy all tastes-vegans, vegetarians, people with nut allergies/ gluten intolerance/ dairy intolerance, there’s a dish for everyone! Next on my list is to try the Moroccan prawn and roasted Mediterranean vegetable risotto, yummy!

Well that’s all from me now. If you would like to see more food related posts and what I eat on a day/week please let me know!



Have you ever tried the Myhk products?

Anastasia x


  • *This post was brought up to you in collaboration with Myhk.


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