Natbee's UK luxury travel blogger

Hello and welcome to Natbee’s,  a UK lifestyle & travel blog based in Aberdeen!

I am Anastasia, the founder of this space which started as a fun project back in 2007 to keep in touch with family and friends all over the world.

Since my early years I kept a journal where I documented my days. I would spent at least an hour daily writing down my thoughts and adventures and later on I would find a particular pleasure reading back these pages and reliving the moments. Up until today these journals have been kept in my old room at my parents house and are being treasured as something valuable along with my old photo albums.

I flew my nest and moved to England almost a decade ago to study for my Msc degree, and then travelled around Europe until I settled down in Scotland where I currently study for my Ph.D in Soil Biophysics.

Natbee’s is an extention of my childhood habit of journal writing, but with a modern twist! Here I share a little bit of my life in Scotland, a little bit of my personal style and a little bit of my trips, and so far it seems people enjoy following me along this life adventure! Natbee’s gained popularity until it was nominated in the 2012 Cosmopolitan Blog Awards, the 2013 Company Magazine Blog Awards, and has also maintained a spot in the Top 10 Scottish Blogs list since 2013. And more recently Natbee’s was ranked No. 64 in the Top 100 Scotland Blogs List by FeedSpot!


Natbee’s has constantly evolved as my life was evolving, travelling around places, moving around countries and meeting new people. And this year things changed even more as I took a step further relaunching Natbee’s as an online lifestyle magazine after responding to the suggestions of my lovely and loyal readership.

Maintaining a blog of such popularity was a huge amount of work, and so I realised it wasn’t something I could do alone while also completing my Ph.D. So a Natbee’s version of the Friends was assembled and the Natbee’s team was born!

With new voices and new content covering anything from travel to career advice, relationships to university life, healthy living to photography – as well as a regular dose of the Natbee’s content readers have come to love over the years – Natbee’s is like flicking through the pages of your favourite magazine, but regularly updated and easily accessible whenever you want it!

Even though the blog has changed over the years, my goal remains the same and I hope to inspire people to live life to the fullest and chase their dreams.

So welcome to Natbee’s, I hope you like it!

Anastasia x