Natbee’s team mission is to inspire you to lead a happy lifestyle enriched with travel, creativity and taste. We focus on the little things that bring happiness, provide our readers with life & career advice and hope to inspire our audience to live life to the fullest! Our team is a good mix of people with different backgrounds so they all bring to Natbee’s a bit of their passion, taste and personality that we hope will guide you through this journey.




Anastasia from Natbee's UK lifestyle blogger
ANASTASIA:: Founder & Creative Director.

Mostly found wearing a white lab coat and examining soil properties. When not in the lab working, Anastasia is travelling or baking chocolate cakes.

In an ideal world she would spend a year living in Australia.


Joanne from The Edinburgh Life, Edinburgh Blogger

JOANNE:: Social Media & Web Content Manager.


Joanne is an avid salsa dancer and instructor. Currently she is studying for her MSc degree in Marketing whilst balancing social life and travelling. She posts tutorials and about her life as a dancer on Instagram.

In an ideal world she would be one of The Beatles band members girlfriend (Still to decide whether it should be John or Paul).




 SOPHIA:: Teacher and food blogger at Oh my Deer!


Loves illustrating, capturing moments, travelling and eating anything with pastry. Sophia enjoys exploring beautiful places with a backpack and her beloved ones.

In an ideal world she would be a magazine author and illustrator, and she would run a small café-patisserie in her hometown with her sisters.


UK Bloggers with puppies

CRUZ:: The Cruz Diaries Columnist.


Writing about life in the Scottish countryside as a Jack Russell puppy. Lover of all kind of foods and curious about birds and their flying skills, often found by the window contemplating about life as a dog.

In an ideal world he would have a magic box of unlimited treats by his bed and he would be allowed to eat as much as he likes.



TASOS:: Web developer and designer.


He loves a good adventure, hiking, swimming and is Cruz’s biggest fan! He is utterly patient with Anastasia’s designing demands and always happy to help. Definitely the kind of person you need in your team!

In an ideal world he would have his own Cruz!


Scotish Blogger

BETHANY:: Career advice columnist.


Bethany was the Life & Style editor of The Gaudie newspaper until she graduated with a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Aberdeen last year. Since then she has just been faffing about and enjoying life – travelling, singing, writing, job hunting, waitressing, partying and making entertaining life decisions…

Bethany is based in Edinburgh.

In an ideal world she would spend her life singing all over the world and too much wine wouldn’t equal a hangover!


MARIA:: The brunch specialist. Award winner of the ‘Food Blog Awards’ Vima Magazine 2016!


In this life Maria is a struggling Master Student and dreamer in her own kitchen of Honey and Cinnamon. Maria can be found wandering around the streets of Zurich and Athens.

In an ideal world she would have invented a dessert that doesn’t make you fat and would have mastered the art of French Cuisine!