May 19, 2016

AC Hotel Bella Sky Copenhagen Review

When: May 2015
Where: Copenhagen
Location: AC Hotel Bella Sky CopenhagenCenter Boulevard 5

With all the hype surrounding Copenhagen over the last year, I deemed it’s high time I got my hands on some tickets, pop in the Danish capital and see what all the fuss was about. I am vowing to have more long weekends to travel to European cities as frequently as possible and before my Ph.D graduation (on a side note I am working towards my last chapters so excitement runs high).

Tickets at £80 per person with return, made flying to Copenhagen from Edinburgh easy as breathing! As a travel blogger, I am constantly thinking of itineraries, tweeting other bloggers about hotels and suggestions. This isn’t the first time I had the pleasure to be invited for a hotel review and the AC Hotel Bella Sky Copenhagen was just what we were looking for this weekend getaway!

the lucky frog welcomes you in the hotel entrance

Member of the Marriot Hotels, this Scandinavian design hotel captivates you by its stunning elegance and impeccably accommodation. We booked a large standard room-hello queen bed- with the most amazing view, perfectly poised between the city and the stars. It felt like a strangely calming place to be where the noisy streets couldn’t reach you…

The service: I read somewhere that you understand much about a hotel seeing how happy the employees are working there, and I absolutely think this is true and it adds a lot of character to the business. During my travels I always try to talk to the locals and the people who work in the hotels I stay, and this was the case too with AC Hotel Bella Sky Copenhagen. The people were polite, and were always willing to help but not in a strict, professional way. They were genuinely interested to help us and makes us feel at home! Sometimes a well placed question to the front desk can be very helpful, so fear not to ask the people for advice or suggestions.

The breakfast: One thing I have learned during this weekend is that Danish people love yogurt and this hotel had the greatest selection of yogurt toppings I ever came across in a breakfast buffet.
There was a great variety of options from the traditional English eggs, sausages and beans to the continental menu choices like pancakes, peanut butter and fruit. Oh, and did I mention pastries?
I will better let the pictures speak for themselves..

The facilities: AC Bella Sky has a spa area comprising of mini pools, sauna, skin care and massage treatments next to a well-equipped gym. I managed to squeeze a mini workout the last morning of our stay there, so keep your eyes open for my upcoming video-yup I managed to document my stay and will soon be on Youtube too!

The room service: As we were too tired to go out on Saturday night we stayed in and ordered some room service. I truly enjoyed my wine (drank out of a mug) and Steven loved his steak. We purchased a movie from the TV movies selection and enjoyed our quite night in. Bliss!

If you are after a hotel ideally situated between the airport and the city then look no further. The service was slick and quick and the bed was comfier than the one I have back home. Would definitely go back and we are already planning our next trip!

Thanks AC Hotel Bella Sky Copenhagen for having us!



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