August 29, 2017

My BBC Scotland video

I just saw my face on a video on BBC Scotland talking about #WomeninSTEM, my oh my! I am sitting in my balcony, trying to play it cool but in reality I am happy as a dog with two tails, but let me explain everything from the beginning.


A few months ago, the BBC Scotland team contacted me letting me know that they start a new series of  ‘A day in the life of…‘ and they chose me to be featured and make together a video about the day in a life of a female scientist with the hope to promote the concept of #WomeninSTEM.


We did the recordings in the University laboratory I was working during my phd project at the University of Aberdeen back in April, and since life got so hectic since then, I have sort of forgot of the idea of this video.


Three house moves and four months later and I woke up to see my face all over BBC Scotland’s social media…talking about science!

<<You can see my video HERE by the way >>


I could not believe it! The video is a bit over edited as Twitter and Instagram allow only 30 seconds long videos-so I hope my experiment explanation makes sense to you with so many parts being cut-and we had to make the cut to fit in the time. But it’s finally there and I could not be any more excited and pleased with the end product.


So far, I have received an incredible amount of messages from young female phd students and researchers expressing their interest in my project and sharing with me their worries about not progressing a career in the academia since it is such a male dominated environment with very few women being promoted to prime positions.


In my opinion, there’s no one to blame for so many women reaching at the top of the academic ladder, but having to be the one who has to reproduce and raise children in a family then I can totally understand why women could not be as competitive as men and the reasons why there are so few of them at the top of the hierarchy.


In other news, I am back in Greece trying to finish my phd writing up before the submission date.

Did you see my video on BBC Scotland? How did you find it?

Anastasia x

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