January 12, 2018

Interior #1 :: The Bedroom Bay Window

I have styled MANY places in my lifetime but not a bedroom bay window! From my parents house, to my University years flat – that was later on passed down to my sister, to various student accommodations and now this flat. I have moved around so many times that I cannot care less about the moving process anymore, regardless how daunting the idea is!

Styling the Bedroom bay window Styling the Bedroom bay window Styling the Bedroom bay window

Whilst moving and changing houses I am continuously amazed by the effect a new place has on us; its ability to inspire, provide perspective and a renewed purpose. Moving into this flat made me feel that I have almost found my place. As its a little while since I have been living here and I don’t see me moving anywhere else anytime soon I thought it was about time to start decorating and making use of the space.

Styling the Bedroom bay window

Some of the questions that always hit me when (re)decorating are how to make this place beautiful and functional without being too crowded? Or, how do you match the vintage objects you collected from the flea market with your card postals from your travels without mixing styles too much?

Styling the Bedroom bay window

First step is to take a deep breath and take a look around the place. Which is your favourite corner? Start from there! This will show you the direction you should take for the rest of the room and place. And so the bedroom bay window it is!

Styling the Bedroom bay window Styling the Bedroom bay window

This is my favourite corner to escape for a couple of hours per day and immerse myself in a bit of Jane Austen which could be translated into day dreaming. For this corner I wanted to make something cozy with candles burning gently and fluffy textures to rest my feet. And I must admit that styling the bedroom bay window was much fun!

Styling the Bedroom bay window

We bought two POANG armchairs from IKEA (£95 each) that instantly filled the space and made it look like a wee living room that we could perhaps use to have breakfast on Sunday mornings.  Next, we added a vintage table painted in white, a herringbone throw blanket from Homesense and a fluffy, grey rug from NEXT (£100) that made such a difference to the space! We also bought a new set of curtains from IKEA (£75) and added a few candles and frames that I used to keep in my old office. The picnic basket was a Christmas gift that serves as the perfect side table and/or footrest at times!

Styling the Bedroom bay window

Probably there are a million more ways to take advantage of a bedroom bay window but for the time being this is just how I like it. It makes the flat feel homely and it feels like a sanctuary where all my worries fade away and me and Cruz get to spend some time together…

Styling the Bedroom bay window

As this is a first I was wondering if you like this house updates posts? I’d love to know your thoughts!

Styling the Bedroom bay window Styling the Bedroom bay window



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