November 17, 2017

Christmas Wishlists and Planning

This Christmas is going to be yet another one that I am not spending it with my family. Whilst I am impatiently waiting for my PhD oral examination date to be specified and having a few blog projects and press trips on my cards, I decided to not pay a last minute ticket that would cost me the moon and Earth, and spend it alone in Scotland. Being grown up and all that, I remind myself of how lucky I am to be healthy, have family & friends who love me and support me and try not to be a drama queen letting this drag me down.

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This year I am going to make my own Christmas and I am going to make it special without feeling sorry for myself. I am looking forward to putting the wee Christmas tree up, making some traditional Christmas honey dipped biscuits to fill the flat with all the festive smells and colours that define this time of the year.

Aberdeen blogger

I am also hoping to visit London in December to see one of my dearest friends and do some Christmas stuff together. This year I have also decided to embrace online shopping, not only for Christmas gifts but also for festive season dressing for me, and so I have already started making my wishlists. It saves me the stress of visiting one shop after another worrying if I’ll find the prefect gift, saves me time and also money as sometimes the online offers are way better than the ones in store!

How to wear dungarees dress How to wear dungarees dress

I am feeling very smug that I have already placed so many things on my cart.  Christmas gift ideas for her is the easiest (and may I also add THE most enjoyable thing to do) but Christmas gift ideas for him, boy oh boy, the struggle is real!

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So armed with a hot cup of hot chocolate, I spend the evening looking for the best gifting Christmas ideas for her and him, with a bit of emphasis given on what outfit I would also like to wear on Christmas day-I must treat myself to a wee gift too, right?

Scottish blogger

I like my man being fashionable (now, show me on woman who doesn’t like this and I will tell you she is a liar) but I am not getting crazy over a sleek style. My dad has always been an avid supporter of a casual, puffy jackets & winter boots kind of style, so that’s what I like to see in a guy too. I wouldn’t mind a nice, grey, woolen coat either but not something over the top crazy. Something like this would go down exceptionally well…

A good leather jacket with faux fur, a nice, grey woolen coat, a beige trench coat for the rainy days and -my dad’s all time favourite- blue, puffy jacket for the cold, windy days. I mean, who  wouldn’t be happy with any of these gift ideas? That’s the content of my Aquascutum shopping cart at the moment. Not something over the top but definitely something that would make any guy smile when unwrapping his gift!


When shopping for her, I always have my sister in mind.


What would SHE wear? Would SHE like this?


She is a petite, salsa dancer that juggles studying for an MSc while having two jobs at the same time. And frankly, I think she represents the majority of the ladies out there today, trying to juggle a job (or two), family, personal life and studies. If my sister can wear this then pretty much anyone else can too-including myself!


Chocolate, moisturizers, a nice handbag (have you spotted my Radley bag in these pictures?) will make a girl happy but there’s nothing that would make her more content than a pretty dress accompanied by a Christmas card saying ‘wear this tonight, we are going out’!


For a Christmas dress I am shopping from Coast Stores, they have some really good deals (check the £99 dress edit and thank me later),  and I already have one of their dresses in my closet that has been much loved over the years so there’s no need to look further away. As a girl who loves fashion and shopping, I follow a rule that says better buy something that lasts than the cheap option that goes away next year…


I don’t like spending my money on something cheap, I’d rather pay a bit more but have it last for a longer time, it’s good for the environment and in the long run it’s like saving money!


Keeping an eye on the trends anything velvet and red is a big must this season, so who am I to resist? I got a few velvet, lace and off the shoulder maxi dresses on my wishlist this year. However, this black fringed dress is my absolute favourite, it has something for another era that is so inviting, isn’t it? Now I am just looking forward to a Christmas party invitation. Anyone?



Have you prepared your Christmas wishlists yet?

Have you done any planning or is it too soon for this?


Anastasia x



*This is a collaborative post but all opinions expressed are my own. Thank you for reading!


  1. Making plans for Christmas is so exciting – I cannot wait! I’m glad that you are going towards a Christmas away from your family with a positive attitude <3

    Claire x

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