October 6, 2016

Dinner at Table 11, Glasgow

When: September 2016
Where: Table 11, 1132 Argyle Street, Finnieston, Glasgow G3. Open Tues-Sun, noon-midnight.

There has been an ongoing chatter in Glasgow about the Table 11 restaurant and I finally got my chance to visit. Owned by John Macleod, the same pioneer who has the famous Crabshakk next door, and named Table 11 since Crabshakk has only ten tables, this place intrigued me as nowhere else in Glasgow. The last time I visited Crabshakk it was December 2013, I remember my friend saying it was a ‘must-visit’ restaurant and we weren’t left disappointed at all. Knowing that Table 11 is owned by the same people made me curious to spot any similarities in the menu and interior.

Located in a corner between the city centre and the beautiful West End of the city (coincidentally in my old neighborhood), there’s no arguing that Crabshakk had a strong influence, success breeds success don’t they say! This little beauty is filled with humour, special decor, friendly staff, cheese and good wine.

With a pretty impressive selection of fish based dishes and a long wine list it’s a strong contender as a great food and drink place in Glasgow. The menu was full of international flavours and seasonal dishes that made me salivate before I even placed my order.

We ordered a vast list of dishes to share, which included ::

-Crab and avocado on toast with hazelnuts
-Salt cod acras and gazpacho
-Lobster dumplings in Laksa broth
-Seared peppered tuna with pickled watermelon
-Braised lamb neck with cauliflower tabouleh
-Goats cheese mousse with tomatoes and pinenuts
-Charred Broccoli with lemon, chilli and hazelnut
-Saute potato crisps

that satisfied every single person in the table, but if there is one dish I would eat again and again and again, that would be the hake fillet on beetroot sauce! It was meaty, tasty and simply perfect in every possible sense! We ordered three more portions as it was too tasty and everyone wanted to have a bit more!

For desserts we ordered everything on the menu, there are only three desserts offered and a cheese board and we all agreed that the most delightful dessert was -to my surprise- the Jamaica gingerbread coconut curd with roast pineapple and passion fruit. It was full of aroma and with a lovely spicy taste that reminded me of Christmas!

We accompanied our food and desserts with a few bottles of wine, Steven got the red, Alpha Zeta, Corvina and I got the Spanish white Molino Loco, Macabeo 2015, which had an intense fruity flavour with a sweet aftertaste.While sharing, we talked about life in Glasgow and Aberdeen, about blogging and the wonderful opportunities we get through it, and of course our future plans and travels.

And that’s how our wonderful night at Table 11 ended.
It was really the nicest and all we could think about was when we will be back again.
Fully energized, we said our goodbyes and before we left for our hotel we promised to meet again soon for another weekend full of adventures in Glasgow!

Have you ever been to Table 11?
Anastasia x

*Thanks Table 11 and People Make Glasgow for the invitation


  1. Anastasia I love this first picture you look absolutely stunning! Also the food looks delicious. If only Glasgow was closer to Leeds or the other way around!x

  2. The hake topped with chips looks insanely delicious! Definitely giving Table 11 a go next time I am in Glasgow!x

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