January 6, 2016

Essential Style Guide to Marrakesh


One of the most frequently asked questions when saying that you are travelling to Marrakesh is “what are you going to wear”. With wrong misconceptions in mind a bit of internet search answered my question and I decided to load my luggage with dungarees, jumpsuits, dresses and shirts. Yes, you got that right you can wear anything you like in Marrakesh, as you would do in your city.

Since Yves Saint Laurent moved in Marrakesh and focused his life in the establishment of the Jardin Majorelle things in the fashion scene of Morocco have changed. Many celebrities have visited Marrakesh since then to celebrate their wedding anniversaries, host their wedding ceremonies or even celebrate their birthday as David Beckham did recently in the company of the Spice Girls (search for #BD40 and you’ll see what I am talking about). Add to this the influence of the Souk market designs and the exotic gardens and you get yourself a variety of inspirational prints to wear.

I visited Marrakesh at the end of November 2015, however for someone flying from the cold Scottish weather down south to Morocco the temperatures felt pretty much like summer-even higher than the British summer to be fair!

During the day I was dressed into dresses and shorts because it felt really hot but at night the temperatures drop a bit so I was carrying a denim jacket with me to be on the safe side. When visiting clubs like the Buddha Bar (post about our night there will follow this week), a cocktail dress and a pair of high heels did the job.

In most cases the dress code is smart casual and even when visiting the Souks there were tourists wearing shorts and having their shoulders uncovered, however I preferred to wear a white shirt and a pair of jeans as in this place it is more respectful to cover yourself to avoid any potential issues.

Now that you know book yourself a ticket, pack your stuff and fly to Marrakesh, you’ll thank me later 🙂

Keep an eye on the blog for more Marrakesh posts…

x Anastasia


  1. Such a useful post! I’ve always been wondering what to wear when visiting some countires outside Europe. It seems shorts are good to go in Morocco, so keeping up with the heat is fine!

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