August 9, 2016

Foodies Festival and other Saturday night adventures in Edinburgh #edfringe

 ^ ^Am I drunk? Am I really looking at something? Is Steven making me laugh again? I can’t remember ^ ^

I wasn’t quite sure what title to give to this post because we did so much in Edinburgh this Saturday there was nothing to be excluded from this post (in case you are in doubt this is still a lifestyle blog where I am documenting my weekend adventures).

A fair sum up of what we did would be:
eat at the Foodies Festival
drink at loads of pubs (until I got drunk-classy)
eat at The Basement, a lovely Mexican restaurant that serves food up until 11 pm-how convenient!
drink at more pubs
sleep somewhere in between the sofa and the bedroom
wake up with no hangover (surprisingly enough!)

But since there is not much memory of the day I will let the pictures speak.

Special thanks to Gary for inviting us to the Foodies Festival and Bethany from The Gaudie (even though a proper graduate now, she will always be my Bethany from The Gaudie in honour of all the articles we published together this past year) for sharing the day and night with me and Steven. Truly one of the best nights of 2016!

When we were in Leros island we met a gorgeous, long haired, black Chihuahua that had the greatest sass of them all. He was confident and was the prettiest dog. Steven and I both loved him but of course we couldn’t steal him back to Scotland. Since then we both got a slight obsession towards tiny dogs. Of course Steven still likes Staffies, Rottweilers and other wide headed creatures but I am hoping to change his opinion one day (hopefully soon?).

I bet he was contemplating Staffies at this very moment…

Back on the festival though, we loved it. There was a vast selection of food from different cuisines and we had as many samples as possible from everywhere before having Greek souvlaki at the Greek stall- delicious, juicy and full of Greece, we loved it!
There were also loads of drinks to choose from, ice-cream flavours, macaroons, chocolate brownies, tarts, pies and the ocassional stall with straw bags and handmade candles.
We decided to stick to the food stalls…

After having tried all the pies and chocolates and beer tasters of the festival we headed to Stockbridge for some more drinks, after all we this was Steven’s birthday weekend and we were determined to drink and eat as much as possible!

Outfit details: chino crops // white top courtesy of FatFace

We walked through the Circus Lane Mews and found a lovely pub with outdoor garden sheltered under a gorgeous willow tree!
“That would do” we all thought and sat in the garden with a few drinks in hands, chatting away about Bethany’s most recent trip to Asia and my travel plans after graduation.

We then headed over Hector’s, an upbeat pub at the heart of Stockbridge. The service is not good (everything moves really slowly), but the lovely tapisserie featuring baby ducks on the walls balances it out.

At this stage I was in a phase between being tipsy and proper drunk so I let Bethany do most of the talking with Steven while I was taking pictures of the surroundings. I got back into talking mode when they started talking about Canada and expressed my desire to visit, making me think there is not a place I wouldn’t want to visit. If only time was not an issue…

Before I knew it we ended up at The Basement, one of Steven’s favourite places, for some more drinks and even more food. I kept drinking until I started dancing under the sounds of Sunshine by Tieks. Oh my classy days!

And that’s how another Saturday went by.

I love going back to these more personal kind of posts and reading how I was spending my weekends, so I hope you don’t mind me going a bit out of my regular travel mode.

Happy days!
Anastasia x

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