January 8, 2018

NYE dinner at Edinburgh Gaucho

Feeling in need of some glitter and glamour? Then step into Edinburgh’s latest gastronomical gem, Gaucho – the first to open outside London in the UK bringing a great taste opportunity to anyone in Scotland!

Gaucho Edinburgh

Follow me inside and I’ll take you on a tour…

Gaucho Edinburgh

Upon entry you are greeted by the smiley ladies in the reception. You can have a drink in the bar there or go downstairs to the main sala where most of action takes place.



The first feeling that fills your bloodstream is ‘luxury’.



Gaucho is the epitome of luxury dining in Edinburgh. The room is dark with ambient light emitting through the walls. From a photographer’s perspective it is a nightmare, from a foodies perspective it is heaven – you feel part of the elite while drinking the glass of welcoming prosecco in your own privacy.

Gaucho Edinburgh

Gaucho Edinburgh

The waiter approaches your table in a very elegant manner, introduces themselves and presents you with their selection of steak cuts, explaining the differences and emphasizing on that ‘marble’ fat effect.

Gaucho Edinburgh


There is a selection of 5 different cuts to choose, all coming from Argentina even though they are originally descendant from Scotland’s popular Aberdeen Angus grass-fed beef that was introduced to Argentina back in 1879!


Gaucho Edinburgh


You have the option of choosing your steak size, cut and the way you like it cooked! What is equally interesting is that Gaucho has a 200 exclusive Argentinian wines selection and a wine expert to help you find the perfect wine for your dish.


Gaucho Edinburgh Gaucho Edinburgh Gaucho Edinburgh

For starters we went for the Tuna Cheviche (£13.75) served on guacamole and the Stone Bass Tiraditos (£12.25) from the a la carte menu. The fish was fresh and the Sea Bass flavour was enhanced with the addition of grapefruit pieces on the finely cut slices of fish. The recommended wine was Luigi Bosca ‘Corte G Blanco‘, a white blend with fruity flavour that was the perfect salutation to our feast.

Gaucho Edinburgh

Meanwhile more and more people were filling the place. The cocktails kept coming and the music provided the perfect white noise balance so you could not hear what the people in the next table were talking about but still talk to your company. Even though I am sure everyone was talking about THEM cut steaks!


Flattered by the wine expert praising our next wine order, we went onto the mains…

Gaucho Edinburgh Gaucho Edinburgh Gaucho Edinburgh

Gaucho EdinburghGaucho Edinburgh

A juicy Tira De Ancho 500 g rib eye steak (£40.20) and a Grilled Swordfish steak (£19.95) to continue with the fish theme from my starter.

The swordfish steak came on a bed of smoked chickpeas with coriander cress. The fish was a big cut of meat and it tasty and juicy but sadly very much raw in the middle even though I had requested it to be well done. I obediently trusted the Chef’s judgement and ate it. Challenge accepted!


The rib eye steak was delicate and super flavorsome! It was marinated in a chimichurri marinade (£1) a delicious combination of olive oil, butter and spices, and came with some red wine jus on the side (£3).


We also shared some heirloom fresh tomato salad (£4.95) and thin cut chips (£4.95) between the two of us. Speaking of sides and sauces, I forgot to mention the DELICIOUS cheese/garlic roll mini buns served on the table with your starters. They too are accompanied by a chimichurri marinade and are little nibbles made in heaven. They were so good I had to order a couple more to accompany my main. Sadly no pictures of them as they were consumed too quickly!


We scooped up the remainings of our dishes with the said mini buns and opted for another round of wine this time suggested by the wine expert!


Gaucho Edinburgh

Overly stuffed I decided to take my camera out and go for a stroll around the restaurant. As it was NYE and the place was filled with beautifully dressed people dining with the dearest, I chickened out and didn’t interrupt their privacy shooting with my lens. So here’s a full outfit shot I got in the bathroom. Possibly the only bright picture of the night!

Gaucho Edinburgh


Back in the table and for the sake of this review, we ordered our desserts….


Gaucho Edinburgh

Gaucho Edinburgh

Gaucho Edinburgh

A chocolate and praline mousse (£7.25) and an Argentinian rice pudding (£8.75) with some strong coffee to get me through the night. The mousse was thick, rich, satisfying and I had to try it briefly in order to be able to eat the rice pudding that was next.


The Argentinian rice pudding can only be described as a great combination of rice pudding, raisins and a mixture of Christmas flavoured spices (I suspect there was a bit of cardamon and clove there too). It was burned on the top so it looked like a creme brulee but it had that hearty, familiar taste of a rice pudding.



Ah, heaven!



With bellies overloaded we headed just off George Street to watch the fireworks and wish each other a happy 2018! It was spectacular and the perfect farewell to 2017.


Gaucho EdinburghE

For a true taste of Argentina book your table at Gaucho today. It is located on St. Andrews Square and is worth every single penny from wine to food. You can make your reservation here, let me know if you give it a go!




  1. Happy NEW YEAR Anastasia! You look so happy in these pictures and it sounds like you had a fab time. The rice pudding looks delicious xx

  2. This steak looks delicious!!! I am not gonna deny it, I am definitely booking a table for me and the girlfriend.


  3. Anastasia this post is mouth-watering!!!
    I am currently in my office waiting for my colleague to get back from the canteen and bring me my humble sandwich and I am overly jealous of your Gaucho visit!
    I am looking forward to a weekend trip to Edinburgh xx

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