May 13, 2017

Greek Escapism

If you’ve caught any of my Instagram stories today you might have spotted some serious Greek escapism happening. Submerging myself into the blue sea was more than acceptable after finishing the write-up of my first PhD thesis chapter. Taking these little trips to the beach every now and then has been the ultimate escapism from the cold and grey Scottish weather. I feel so much better now-as a matter of fact I don’t want to go back to Aberdeen because I refuse to kiss goodbye this Greek paradise of mine!

UK luury travel blogger, Aberdeen blogger

I have allowed myself this past week to be OK with the fact that things are moving slowly and I started keeping a gratitude journal writing down the daily things for which I am grateful such as being back in the land of sunshine, delicious food and wonderful people.


Most of my days are spent studying, searching and writing up but today my sister, her boyfriend and I drove outside the city, halted for lunch in a small village and forgot the weekdays rush.

UK luxury travel blogger

It was back to honouring the good old times, the days of being carefree and nonchalant. In my teens, I would wear a cotton dress, ancient Grecian sandals, a pair of sunglasses (because living with light sensitivity is not fun) and my mum’s big straw bag (filled with strawberries and books), and I would head to the beach.


The revival of these days is something I am fully on board with when the chance is there!

UK luxury travel blogger, Aberdeen blogger, Scottish blogger

Swimming in the sea was a bit cold but revitalising for my body that has been hiding under layers of clothing all this time. The smell of the trees in combination with the taste of the freshly squeezed orange juice that I got from the nearby cafe created the most phenomenal atmosphere for us. We stayed there, under the olive trees, for what it felt like ages until our stomachs started complaining, just before the sun was setting down.

UK luxury travel blogger, Aberdeen blogger, Scottish blogger

UK luxury travel blogger, Aberdeen blogger, Scottish blogger

Nothing beats stress better than the smell of the sea and the sound of the waves.

Happy Saturday everyone!

UK luxury travel blogger, Aberdeen blogger, Scottish blogger

dress-Fatface* , sandals and straw bag-Primark



Anastasia x


  1. You look stunning Anastasia and this new environment suits you perfectly! I saw your Instagram stories the other day and you seemed so happy 🙂 I hope the phd stress doesn’t limit you from partying a bit while at home 😉

  2. Good to know you are doing great girl! Keep the work coming, I promise it goes faster than it currently seems xx

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