April 10, 2017

How to increase my Instagram followers?



Uk luxury travel blogger, Aberdeen blogger


Instagram is the king of social media platforms, and saying so is barely a statement. The more the popularity of Instagram increases, the more are the numbers of young creative minds looking to get involved into the industry. Instagram delivers 29% more engagement than Facebook and 60% more than Twitter-it’s a no brainer why brands are looking for the top Instagrammers to work on every project. With 100 million daily users ranging from secondary school kids to adults viewing photos and videos, it’s easy to understand the reason why Instagram is no longer simply considered as a ‘photography exhibiting’ platform.


Even though this is great news, as it means that there is a potential for a new profession to arise, if it hasn’t already, it is also adding a bit more stress to people like us who have been on the blogging scene for more than a decade and have to get used to maintaining a blog and 2-3 social platforms at the same rate. It also means that there are fresh people involved everyday attracting audience which makes the need for us to evolve and adapt to the current trends even more to balance the competition.


Aberdeen blogger, UK luxury travel blogger


I joined the Instagram game almost two years ago whilst I was on holidays in Corfu. Back then I wasn’t thinking of my grid or how many (and which) hashtags I should be using. Also I was logging in only once or twice per week, unlike my daily posts nowadays…


I took the Instagram game seriously nearly a year ago. Over the past two years, Natbee’s has really started to gain popularity on the travel blogging scene and the brands that I work with kept requesting for Instagram coverage within the lines of every campaign, so (sooner or later) I realised the importance of the ‘gram’!


In short, brands insisted on me providing them with my ‘organic’ results, stats and insights of every post and I can understand why, since the number of people who see my Instagram posts is five times the number of people that like my individual pictures. As massive as this difference is, it doesn’t really surprise me. Not every follower of mine will be online when I post something and even if people happen to see my uploads it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will give me the thumbs up!


London Instagrammers you have to follow #asundaycarpic


As cringe as it sounds (apologies for this), as my audience has grown over the past year, I’ve realised that upon meeting other bloggers or friends they all tend to repeat the same questions, when our discussion leads to blogging, again and again. Some are curious, some others are trying to pick up what’s in my head, but the most common questions involve…


‘How did you get so many followers on Instagram’


‘How do you get all these sponsored campaigns’


(and the less polite)

‘Why did they work with YOU on this campaign and not (insert name of other blogger or the person asking the question’ (<–real story)


Aberdeen blogger, How to increase my Instagram followers, UK luxury travel blogger

Fur gillet – Zara



Flat shoes-Dune



Aberdeen blogger, UK luxury travel blogger


Before I keep rumbling about my Instagram numbers I feel that I have to make a little disclaimer here. My Instagram numbers are not huge, as a matter of fact I’ve just managed to break the 5k milestone last week! But for my friends and family this is a big number hence the flow of questions.


How to increase my Instagram audience


And I get it. I, too, was struggling to increase my hundreds of followers to thousands (it took me ages to go from 300 to 500!), and when I was doing so I was wondering if I would ever break the 5k line. In the grand scheme of things though, where Instagram users have reached millions of followers, 5k is peanuts.


With millions of new users creating accounts every day and algorithms that make life even more difficult, stepping up on Instagram has been more difficult than ever. So the question remains, ‘how to increase my Instagram followers?’ I am not an Instagram expert by any means, but here are some hacks that have helped me get from 300 to 5000…



I always photograph on natural light and take shoots from different angles to see what works best for my picture. It’s useful to have variations in an image, also taking a picture from different perspectives helps to upload a shot from a different angle a few days/weeks later. If the light conditions and the angle are perfect then there is not much you need to change and by saying so over-editing doesn’t do you any favours. Long have gone the days that the ‘Amaro’ effect was saturating my grid. Now I am more of a  20% ‘Ludwig’ girl. The rest of my edits are contrast and colour saturating/unsaturating.



As years go by our lives are getting busier and busier, with little or no time to devote to extra curriculum activities, let alone Instagram engagement. But I can guarantee you a massive  increase in your numbers if you spend your lunch breaks interacting and engaging with other accounts. Start with the people that regularly comment or like your pictures and continue with the people that fall under the same blogging category, engagement will grow your numbers big time. Try it for a month and see how it goes!



If you follow my Instagram then I am sure you have noticed that recently I use more hashtags than ever before. Sometimes it seems ridiculous to have so many hashtags under every post but if it brings traffic then why the heck not! By using the right set of hashtags my account attracts the right audience and so I gain more numbers of people following me. A good trick is to have a set of hashtags that go according to your theme, fitness, travelling, lifestyle whatever that might be, and always copy-paste them as a comment underneath your post. This way you don’t spend that much time on the edits of each post and you have more time to spend for engagement.


It’s not always easy, but growing an Instagram audience will give loads of boost to your business. Think of it as when you are doing your admin stuff, they might be repetitive (and sometimes boring) but are essential to help you increase your income.


Which Instagram accounts are you loving at the moment? What are your tips for increasing your Instagram numbers? Leave a comment below and share any tips with us.


Anastasia x

*pictures taken by Michelle from CrazycatLady


  1. This sounds like an excellent plan-thanks for sharing with us all these tips 🙂
    I do try once in a while to comment on as many accounts as I can and I really find that it helps with my overall account activity!

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