November 16, 2016

How to spend a day in Inverness!

On Saturday early morning, I met up with Vasileia in Aberdeen train station and we jumped on the train to Inverness as I was interviewing a contestant for the #tncalling competition. Inverness was on my ‘to visit’ list for ages and I was so happy finally to be able to explore it with my friend.

Inverness in autumn is something out of a dream. The orange leaves colour combined with the old Scottish buildings makes it such a picturesque place to be, a photographer’s heaven!

We started our daytrip by visiting Grant at Bar One, we had a couple of cocktails that *might* have made me laugh a bit more than I should, as it was too early for my stomach to absorb anything alcoholic. Then we went for a stroll by the river, stopping every now and then to take pictures of the beautiful water reflections.

Before visiting I tweeted about any suggestions and everyone agreed that we had to visit So Coco, a patisserie that serves brilliant churros with chocolate dips. However, as we both felt peckish after our drinks we decided to have a bite at The Blend first. We sat by the window and enjoyed a bagel each along with lemonade. As it was a cold day we reckoned we needed some extra calories and so, So Coco was the next best thing to do after shopping!

Vasileia and I, are both obsessed with chocolate, if it has chocolate then it is good enough for us. So Coco was a chocolate lovers paradise and we both felt this place should be on the top of anyone’s list if visiting Inverness!

We ordered churros for two with white and milk chocolate dips along with a scoop of strawberry ice-cream (to break the chocolate sweetness, you know). Churros were delicious! The milk chocolate was dreamy and even though it looked like it wouldn’t be enough for the eight churros that we shared between the two of us, in reality we managed to finish only one of the chocolate dips. Vasileia got an insane hot chocolate with whipped cream on top and I had a pot of Earl Grey tea-my favourite-to wash down everything.

 ^ ^ these cute mittens are the softest ever and have saved my hands from the cold in Poland, Lithuania and now Inverness! (c/o North Polar Bear) ^ ^

We had the nicest evening, watching people walking down the high street, carrying their early Christmas shopping bags, while chatting away about life. We sat there for more than two hours before deciding to go for a walk along the river and cross the main bridge. It was already getting darker so we agreed to catch up the next train and get back to Aberdeen before it was getting too late, thank God for open return tickets.

On our way to the train station, we walked past So Coco and we saw that they had just baked some carrot cake so naturally we had to try it, and we stepped inside to buy two slices in takeaway boxes, for the train ride. Boy, that was delicious and I dare to say better than the churros! If you ever visit Inverness, have a slice for me, OK?

I am currently packing my stuff as we are off to Edinburgh this weekend, visiting the Christmas market and meeting a few of Steven’s friends.

And here is a wee video of our day in Inverness, have a look:

Happy Wednesday!
Anastasia x

*Pictures taken by my friend Vasileia and me.

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