January 26, 2018

Let’s chat:: Explore your own city!

> Joanne, our lifestyle contributor, discusses about exploring your own city this season and she is offering her top tips <<



January tends to be the month that people get a bit antsy. They have settled down after the NYE festivities and then the January blues hit when everyone feels the pressure to do all of their resolutions happen. It’s OK to step back a bit, and not feel the stress of making yet another false resolution happen right now, right here! Here are a few ideas that will help you to appreciate your city a bit more and hopefully allow you to de-focus from your resolutions long list. Let me know how it goes!


❤ When it’s sunny, call a friend and go on a bike ride along the river/ beach promenade/ old railway, you name it! Just go outside and enjoy the sunshine with some good company. Cycling your bike can only make you happy to help you discover all these hidden city gems!



❤ Make a table reservation to a new restaurant this week and surprise your partner! Let it be through Tripadvisor or Twitter, your local bloggers will be the first to let you know which is the latest restaurant to visit in town. Go ahead, pick up the phone and make a reservation instead of having another Deliveroo tonight. Being sociable is exactly what you need this month.



❤  Have a spontaneous picnic in the nearest park. Remember that soup thermos you bought on Boxing Day? Well, it’s about time you put it into use. Get your tartan blanket, throw a few mugs and sandwiches in the basket and head to your nearest park. Even better, make it to the nearest hill and combine your spontaneous picnic with a bit of hiking. Bliss!



❤  Visit the local farmer’s market on Sunday! Whether you are into photography or clean eating this is the best way to get yourself out of the house and explore the city streets. Get your camera, take pictures of the products, talk to people, appreciate the local flavours and buy seasonally. Just because it is not summer it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be visiting the farmers market, right?



❤  Staycation! Can’t afford to go on a weekend getaway to another city? Don’t you worry and I got you covered. Book a hotel in your city and pretend you are away! This is the best way to break your routine and explore some parts of your city that you don’t often visit. Staying in a hotel immediately gives you a feeling of holiday and relaxation. From the breakfast bar to the mini toiletries in the bathroom, staying in a hotel will give you the impression of being somewhere far away even if you are just 3 miles away your home.


Have fun!


J. x


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