November 26, 2016

Little Black Dress Party with Moet and Chandon

Christmas is well and truly on it’s way, it’s pitch black by three every afternoon, the window shops are full of Christmas decorations and I have a sudden need for dressing up. The truth is, I’m getting more and more excited about setting up our Christmas tree and I have already bought a few ornaments, but whilst it’s still a bit too early to get the tree out (according to Steven, not me!), I braved the cold on Thursday, wore my Ted Baker dress and wind all in the name of a little black dress party thrown by Moet & Chandon and Chambord at the famous Corinthian Club!

Think of Christmas trees, twinkling lights, a glamorous fashion catwalk, endless French Martini cocktails, the most fashionable Scottish ladies and you get the picture of the party, and all this settled in the a stunning salon. 

If I am honest, this weekend I was supposed to be in London for the Vuelio Blog Awards. I received an invitation to their party almost two months ago and I couldn’t be any more honoured for this and also being in the Top 10 Scottish Blogs Vuelio list since 2013! I had booked my tickets and was I waiting for the time to come and go meet all these fabulous bloggers and influencers with whom we’ve been in online friends all these years. But damn, London is so far away, and so when I was asked to attend the Little Black Dress in Glasgow, of course I declined the Vuelio awards. And I am so glad I did, because I had the best of fun in Glasgow! Sometimes unexpected invitations lead you to the best kind of parties, right?

It was really lovely to meet with my friend Beth, and also to get re-united with Wendy over cocktails and glasses of Moet & Chandon deliciousness, and of course delicious canapes. 
Also, it was great to meet new faces and put faces on other bloggers that I only knew via Twitter so far!

The party was brilliant and it satisfied my Christmas celebration cravings. We wrapped it up with a few more cocktails with Beth on the first floor of The Corinthian Club, before heading for a night of clubbing in the city. What a perfect start to our weekend!

I did a bit of vlogging along the way, which I am hoping to have ready to go live by tomorrow the latest. Meanwhile I hope you enjoy these pictures!

Anastasia x

*With thanks to Susie Cormack Bruce and Mary McGowne for the invitation and support for this post.

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