November 29, 2017

Mackintosh & CitizenM Glasgow

Last weekend we found ourselves in the busy city of Glasgow, learning all about the historical buildings and the legacy of the city’s most famous architect. What is Gaudi for Barcelona, is Charles Rennie Mackintosh for Glasgow! An iconoclastic architect that shaped the image of the city and contributed massively to the knowledge that is currently taught in the Art Schools around the world. At the young age of 28, before he had even finished his degree in Architecture, he won the competition and got in charge of the built and design of the famous Glasgow School of Art. In his initial design he combined Art Nouveau, elongated figures with Scottish castle inspired windows and frames. He went against the symmetry and Roman/Greek architecture that dominated at that time, impressing everyone with his contrast of ideas. Mackintosh was a fine designer and brilliant architect and the first to introduce Art Deco geometrical shapes in 1909, before the Art Deco movement even existed! Something for which he was praised later on…

Following the accidental fire in 2014 that heavily damaged the west part of the building, the library which was known as ‘the masterpiece in the masterpiece’ was destroyed with a significant loss of a hundred-degree pieces and multiple collections. Since then reconstruction work has been done with new discoveries about the construction and building space coming in the surface, confirming the modern mind of Mackintosh! Undeniably, Mackintosh was a man that dared to go against the stereotypes of his time and introduce elements of playful composition into his designs and thanks to him we now have many great buildings in Glasgow like the Hill House, the interior of the tea rooms, the Queen’s Cross Church and the Scotland Street School Museum-to name a few!

The Master Clock’ was used to have the clock in the Head of School’s office in sync with the clocks in each of the classes. Another clever concept invented by Mackintosh…

From the School you can have a view of the library and the parts that have been most damaged during the fire…

Portrait of Mackintosh and his wife Margaret in the foyer of the School.

Margaret’s art was focused on women power, femininity, birth and death as seen in most of her work.

Our guide was a lovely girl from Budapest who has been living in Glasgow for the past 4 years and is a student of the School!

Visiting Mackintosh Glasgow

After spending the day exploring Glasgow, taking the tour at the School of Art and learning all about the life of Mackintosh we were in need of a few drinks and some much needed relaxation. With CitizenM being in the most central location and just a few steps away from the Glasgow School of Art there wasn’t much to think. We entered the lobby-beautifully designed with Scandinavian influence-before getting into the bar with stunning views across the city! We ordered our drinks, a cinnamon Margarita for me and an Aperol Spritz for my friend all prepared by chatty and talented Adam.

Drinks at CitizenM Glasgow

A sip of the Margarita and all the flavours exploded in my mouth getting all the tiredness away. We sat by the window and chatted away about the day that had just passed so quickly, the impressive architecture of Glasgow and all the information we absorbed during the tour at the School of Art. We had a couple more drinks in the bar before heading to our comfy beds, a great gift at the end of such a busy day. Glasgow, you have been wonderful, and we will most certainly be back soon! Thanks for having us!


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