July 4, 2016

Santorini sunsets

Now tell me, have you ever seen a more beautiful sunset than this?

At the end of our hike from Thira to Oia we were greeted by a symphony of colours; yellow, orange, gold and purple all mixed together enclosing the world wide acclaimed romantic sunset of Santorini!

Much to our expectation the sunset was breath-taking! People would gather hours before and would queue or even hang from cliffs to have a glimpse and capture the moment with their cameras.

The sunset view from Oia is truly exceptional, it offers spectacular views to the Aegean and the horizon. People wait patiently for the sun to set and as soon as the sun hides behind the sea everyone claps! I have never seen something similar and it is definitely something to experience at least once in lifetime!

We found a spot and sat down among the crowds, absorbing every bit of the moment. The atmosphere was electric; the fact that there were so many people around us didn’t spoil the moment as everyone was bewitched. During this special time some people take pictures, some others dance across the white buildings and others get on one knee and propose to their beloved ones!
It is the magic of Greece that brings everyone together and fills everyone’s heart with love & happiness…under the glorious, golden Greek sun.
What a treat!

Have you ever been to Santorini before?

*Visiting Santorini was part of our MDFV cruise around the Greek islands.


  1. Anastasia – I have been doing a lot of thinking and I think you should be formally addressed as Anastasia THE BODY as opposed to Anastasia from Natbee’s.
    Well jelly of your holiday – looks like you had a fab time.


  2. I am SO completely, utterly and unabashedly jealous of your vacation! Thanks for sharing and allowing me to live vicariously through you!

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