September 19, 2016

The Greek countryside, Servia city.

Having not visited the mountain surrounding the city I grew up as a child for more than two years, made me ultra nostalgic last weekend when I (finally) came back to my parents house. Seeing my excitement and tireless enthusiasm my sister suggested we take a walk along the hiking rail that leads to the Byzantium castle with the hope to pick up some fruits from the mountain.
The Northern part of Greece is often under appreciated, since most of the Greek marketing campaigns have focused on the beauty of the Greek islands and any other place that is closer to the sea. Growing up in this small Greek town of 5000 citizens has shaped my personality in many ways but what I have come to realise after all these years of being away is that I am happy when I am close to the mountains since I grew up next to them.
The Greek countryside is blessed with wild green vegetation, tall pine trees and many fruit trees that the locals have intentionally grew in the mountain to harvest the seasonal yield. My sister and I went on a mission to harvest figs, since our neighboorhood is lined with these trees, but we also picked pomegranates, raspberries and delicious apples along the way.
 ^ ^ end of season raspberries ^ ^ 

^ ^ special thanks to my dad for capturing this stunning picture, rain drops on vine leaves, how beautiful! ^ ^

^ ^ juicy pomegranates ^ ^

We filled a bag with figs, a few pomegranates (to eat with yogurt and honey next morning for breakfast), and ate as many raspberries as possible while walking past the bushes. The air was warm but not sticky hot as in the middle of summer, and this is why I think visiting during September is one of the best months to explore Greece. I love the weather when it is warm enough to wear shorts but not too hot to feel like fainting after a few steps!
And so we made it to the Byzantium castle, where the views are stunning and you can see a glimpse of my town coming through the woods. Look at all these red tile roof houses, the lake and the mountains aren’t they beautiful?
p.s: thanks to the lovely people at Visit Greece for their support during this trip.

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