July 12, 2017

To the west of Scotland!

Three hours in the train and a few miles driving later and we finally made it to the west of Scotland! All these years living in the country and I had never made to the west until now! If I had to sum up the west of Scotland with 3 words from what I have experienced so far today that would be: Green, Enchanted, Historic.  Everywhere your eyes glance is covered with deep green vegetation, the houses have a unique architecture, the hotels are prestigious and there is so much intriguing history I would happily spent my summer reading about it all. At the moment we have settled at Ardanaiseig Hotel, a ferry house of glamour and prestige by Loch Awe. We got the Inishail, Master Loch view room and this is my view at the moment. A true oasis from the modern world madness. West Scotland Hotels are quite a thing, aren’t they!


West Scotland Hotels


There are no roads or cars around, and the closest sign of civilization is miles away which makes this the perfect getaway spot, to relax and let the worries fade away. Right now, all I can hear is the sound of the birds nesting in the trees by my window, the warm breeze coming in the room through the window and the water boiling in the kettle. West Scotland hotels are best known for their beautiful acres of private land, luxurious 19th century rooms and unforgettable dining experiences, and so far Ardanaiseig Hotel seems to tick all the boxes of my UK luxury hotels list! My plans for the day are to stay in bed, have unlimited cups of hot chocolate accompanied with ginger cookies and supervise from my window Cruz while he will be exploring around the garden.


Oh, yes. Did I mention that Ardanaiseig Hotel is dog friendly?

Cruz approved! Look at his cheeky wee smile.


West Scotland Hotels

How are you spending your day?

Anastasia x


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