10 Reasons to cycle to your work (and not take the bus/car)

As in today I have been cycling back and forth the office for three months and it has been a great experience!

Cycling is not only an environmental friendly way to save me some pennies while commuting, but also a fun activity and something different in my everyday routine. It made me realise that moving into this new house was a great idea, no matter how long it takes me to reach my destination in the morning, no regrets here.
Even though for some cycling sounds terrifying in the early morning hours-when most drivers are in a hectic rush not really caring about bikers- I would totally advice you to give it a go, cycling is freedom and I wholeheartedly mean this; here’s why:
1. You never get stuck in traffic.
The most fun part of my daily journey is when I cycle uphill Holburn Street (a busy street in the centre of Aberdeen for those living outside), overtaking dozens of cars all at once. I have seen drivers giving me the “I hate you” glance several times but hey, if only we all had a bike this traffic issue in the rush hours would never occur 😉
2. You can cancel your gym membership and be OK with it.
Daily workouts are sorted once and for all. Cycling an hour per day is one of the best and least boring workouts ever. I get to see my body getting stronger and love the ever growing definition of my legs.
3. You are never late in your meetings.
Before cycling I was purely based on buses, Steven’s car or my feet to take me somewhere and in most of the cases I was 5′ late because the bus came late/Steven came late or we got stuck in traffic/I got tired or it started raining. Not anymore…
4. You never have to worry or pay for parking.
Oh boy, if only I had a box to save the money Steven has spent for parking tickets and fees all this time.
5. You meet cool people.
All bikers are friendly and make you feel like belonging in a big family, they make space for you in the lights, share a smile and always help you when a flat tyre accident happens.
6. You feel closer to nature and the present moment.
I am astonished by how many landscapes and beautiful buildings I haven’t seen while being in a car or walking. While on my bike, I can stop anytime I want to snap a pic or simply enjoy the moment! Sometimes it feel like I am re-discovering Aberdeen all over again 🙂
7. You minimize your carbon print.
If you are concerned about your carbon footprint  then this is an excellent way to pay it back to the planet. Cycling is the MOST environmental friendly way to take you anywhere and everywhere.
8. You no longer feel guilty for extra pizza at night.
Pretty self explanatory!
9. You get better at sports and any sort of activity.
When I started the Kayla Itsines workouts I was struggling, like heavily/massively struggling to do the burpees and squats and all these stuff, but not any more. I am so amazed by how stronger I am and that doing lunges is not as painful as it used to be….quite the opposite. Challenge taken Miss Itsines!
10. Cycling is freedom and fun.
Getting on my bike is an amazing thing. I feel all my muscles working and that I have full control of my body and breathing. I can feel the air on my skin and that I am alive and capable of anything. It makes me feel young and powerful and that’s…awesome!

So, how about getting your rusty bike from the garage and giving it a stroll tomorrow?



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