3 Recipes to Try this Week

Happy Monday friends!


I can’t believe it’s been a week since I was done once and for all with my PhD stress – and yes, I still haven’t gotten used to the idea of this and I will repeat it to myself as many times as necessary – I hope you do not mind me repeating it.


Since last Monday, we dined in various restaurants around Aberdeen and I didn’t have a proper chance to cook a nice dinner to celebrate my own way. So this week’s challenge is to cook and bake almost everyday and say ‘no‘ to takeaways and dinners outside with the hope to get back on track with my baking and also to eat a bit more consiously…


One of the things I struggle the most when it comes to cooking for a week is planning the meals ahead, so here today I am sharing with you 3 recipes to try this week. I hope you like them and if you try them please do let me know!


Funfetti Cupcake recipe


Recipe by Maria from Honey and Cinnamon


These vegan, funfetti cupcakes are light and go perfectly with a cup of tea. The frosting is made with vegan butter with coconut oil and is a great alternative whether you are a commited vegan or like to alternate and substitute ingredients for a change!


Banana Oatmeal bread recipe


Recipe by Maria from Honey and Cinnamon


Having ripe bananas in your cupboard and don’t know what to do with them? Here’s what Maria from Honey and Cinnamon! Nothing beats a good and moist banana bread like this one, trust me!


Cherry Rhubarb Pie Recipe


Recipe by Maria from Honey and Cinnamon


Even though the news reported that this week we will be having the first snow of February, my mind is dreaming of blue skies, sunny beaches and bikinis. So in an effort to fight this I am looking into baking a summer cherry and rhubarb crumble pie – thank goodness for frozen rhubarb and cherries! I love a good crumble pie and this one is super tasty and goes well with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream so there you have it, summer on a dish!


Thank you Maria for providing us all these fabulous recipes. Let’s start baking!



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