5 Reasons to visit Greece during autumn

5 Reasons to visit Greece during autumn

People often ask me what is the best season to visit Greece. Summer is too hot and winter can be rainy, so the ultimate question remains, when is best to visit Greece? Even though I feel people do not need more reasons to visit Greece, I decided to answer the BIG question in today’s post… Last month, I hopped on a plane to Greece and I had absolutely no intention to blog about it. For the past year I have travelled almost every month so for this particular trip I decided to dedicate my time to family and friends and I even declined an offer to review a hotel in Kefalonia island. This trip was to celebrate my birthday and I decided to treat it as a personal trip, and not Instagram my heart out. Although it was for two weeks, I felt that time wasn’t enough to see all the places I wanted to and meet all my friends. I travelled from the south to the north of the mainland and then back to the middle, in the beautiful city of Volos.

I was so happy that I was travelling without the pressure to take pictures of every corner and notes to review places. As much as I love my job as a travel blogger, sometimes travelling on your own terms is absolutely necessary. They say once your hobby becomes a job, then it loses the magic of being a hobby. And that trip was a good reminder of why I needed a break from travel blogging… But photography is my passion; having my camera on hand I get to capture moments and places that take my breath away so I decided to write this mini post sharing a bit of my photography and also to tell you a few reasons why you should visit Greece in autumn.

Here are 5 reasons::

1. It still feels like summer! 
The sky is blue with very few clouds, the trees are in full swing and the temperatures are warm enough to go swimming. So if you are not a fan of heat waves, this is the best time to visit Greece.

2. It is cheaper than any other season.
Vacationing in Greece can be very expensive during the summer season. However, prices drop during autumn, so it is perfect if you want to treat yourself to holidays in a sunny destination for less. At this time of the year everything is of incredible value. You can go out and eat in a seafood restaurant a 3-meal course for 15e per person, which is so cheap for the fresh ingredients and food quality you’ll get!

3. The beach is less crowded. 
So it makes it the perfect time to contemplate about life, charge your batteries and read your favourite book without any disturbance. I loved staying in the beach up until late reading the bunch of books I carried with me from Scotland. I didn’t manage to finish either of them as I was more into swimming and talking to my sister, but it was pure bliss!

4. Travelling around the country is easier.
With less tourists and people to ask for directions, queuing for a ticket and trying to book a seat in the bus/boat/plane, travelling around Greece in autumn is simple and easy as breathing. I travelled from Athens to Thessaloniki, then Servia and Volos without any issues or delays. Which is pretty awesome and makes holidays a real pleasure!

5. Athens is very charming in autumn.
I visited Athens for two days as I was flying from this airport and had so much fun meeting my friend Cassandra. To my pleasant surprise, the city was not as crowded as usual and we could drive through the streets without dealing with any traffic at all. The cafes were not as crowded either so we didn’t have to wait for a table and our order arrived promptly in every place we went. There are still touristy shops open if you want to buy souvenirs for your friends back home, but it feels wonderful when the city is not buzzing- you can talk to the locals and do things on your own pace.

Here are a few more pictures from my trip. I hope you like them!

 ^ ^ My 30th chocolate/strawberry birthday cake ^ ^

So now tell me, what is your favourite season to visit Greece? And most importantly, did I convince you with this post and gave you enough reasons to visit Greece during autumn?



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