5 Reasons to visit Rome

5 Reasons to visit Rome
5 Reasons to visit Rome

One of my most favourite European capitals and dream destinations of the world is Rome! With so much history to discover -did you know it used to be the capital of the old Roman Empire and not just Italy as we know it today- Rome is one of the biggest cities of Art & History in the world. The Spanish steps, Fontana di Trevi, The Vatican, River Tiber and the Pantheon are just a few of the places you must visit when in this beautiful city….and in case you need more reasons I have 5 Reasons to visit Rome for you: 5 Reasons to visit Rome

1. Fontana di Trevi
This is not just a fountain, it is a place where people meet to enjoy gelato and the sound of water falling. According to the legend by throwing a coin in the fountain you make sure you return to the eternal city. When visiting Fontana di Trevi be prepared for masses of crowds however give yourself some time and admire the beauty of the sculptures. It is indeed a spectacular view! 5 Reasons to visit Rome

2. Shopping 
A “Made in Italy” fashion item guarantees elegance and quality. Italians have a very quirky fashion sense, if you visit the Via del Corso -equal to Oxford street for the Brits- you can see with your own eyes what I mean. In Rome I’ve seen the most stylish women (even more stylish than the Parisienne!) and I have come to realise that women in Rome know how to get dressed for their body and age which makes them wonderfully attractive. When going shopping you can still use your debit card but cash is preferred. 5 Reasons to visit Rome

3. The Vatican City
A visit to Rome is never complete without a visit to The Vatican City! Regardless of your religious beliefs you must visit this place to sense what makes it so special as the centre of Catholism on Earth. A little piece of advice, if you are claustrophobic do not attempt to climb up St. Peter’s Dome and I wish people would tell me this before. I am not claustrophobic myself but my friend is so climbing up the 325 steep, scary staircase was not a pleasant experience. Moreover, you have to use similar stairs to get down so even if you make it on the top the thought that you have to go through the same way makes it really unappealing. However, you can still hang around the gardens and the ground floor of the Basilica so do not worry if you cannot make it to the top 🙂

4. Gelato
You will be addicted to ice-cream! Everytime I taste gelato in a city I visit for the first time I am convinced it is the best I had in my life but I have never tasted anything better than the ice-cream in Rome. The struggle of choosing only 3 scoops instead of more was real. Pistachio, crema di cardinale, fig & ricotta cheese, Amaretto are a few of my favourite flavours and I have never ever tasted anything equally tasty anywhere around the world. Rome is definitely the world’s best place to get gelato so enjoy it as much as you can 🙂 5 Reasons to visit Rome

5. Wine and pizza
Food and beverages are of course great reasons to visit Rome but how is it possible to miss a chance to try wine and pizza? Spend some time walking around the streets until you find a good restaurant and try to avoid anything that looks too much touristy. Another good advice is to know a few Italian words beforehand since not all Italians can speak English which might cause a great confusion in your order. Frutti di Mare should not be confused with a fruit salad; it means seafood. Avoid the confusion by asking for an English menu version, sit back and enjoy!

I hope you liked my 5 Reasons to visit Rome-not that you needed more already!
Have you ever been to Rome, what did you like the most?



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