5 ways to travel while being a student and without spending your student loan on tickets and hotels

We have all been there-after exams or the submission of a big project-all we can dream of is the sea and the sun (and a few delicious cocktails). While there’s nothing more exciting than visiting an exotic destination there is always something to hold us back, money money money.

I am currently a Ph.D student and I am running on the last year of my project, time is precious but money is even more precious with my funding ending soon. Despite all these concerns though I still manage to have my occasional weekend getaways, sometimes outside the country others a few miles away my city. Many people often ask me how I can afford all these trips but what they fail to understand is that there are so many cheap deals on the internet, you just have to know where to look for them.

So here’s my advice to you all:

1. On weekend getaways
It sure is nice to have a weekend getaway in a luxurious, world-class hotel, but as a student this is very rare to happen. A city getaway with nice views, a clean room and a budget of £100 could do the trick! If you don’t want to drive, try cheaper alternatives like Megabus-tickets start from £1.5 if you book in advance-and go somewhere nearby for the weekend. I know not everyone is a fan of hostels-including myself-but sometimes there are unfairly undervalued. Hostelworld has some great deals that can get you to some great cities. Make sure to always read the reviews before booking, they are 99% telling the truth and can give you the picture prior your visit.

2. Sea, sun and palm trees
What most of us are craving is the warm feeling of the sun on our skin. Look for last minute deals and sign up at the newsletter of your closest airport to receive directly their weekly deals in your inbox. There is a trend for cheap deals in Europe during off-season periods, April to May and September till November. Keeping this in mind and you can find hotels offering rooms for a shocking half price than during the peak season!

3. Air miles bonus cards
Airline companies are rewarding loyalty for frequent flyers with the air miles bonus cards scheme. Depending on your nearest airport there is always a cheap airline company that operates regularly to various destinations. Sign up for a bonus card and enjoy collecting points by booking your tickets. Getting an upgrade to business class has never been easier!

4. On package trips
While there is some kind of excitement involved in planning the trip itinerary yourself I think going for package trips has also its benefits. Low cost holidays can get you to beautiful destinations for less than £165 including a 5 star hotel accommodation and flights! 

5. Be wise with your money
If you are planning a trip in the next few months then be wise with your money and try to limit the excess spending on takeaways and Starbucks coffees prior your trip. I am the queen of spending money and I am really bad at cooking and carrying food containers with me but if I know that holidays are at the end of the month then I will certainly make some effort and behave myself. If you are an undergrant student getting a temporarily part time job is also a good idea. It can give you some more pennies and since it is part time there is not much to commit and to make your life difficult. Last but not the least, use your bike to commute to the University (or walk) and stop spending money on bus tickets. It can also give you a bikini ready body so win-win!

I hope my tips have been helpful to you and please let me know if you have any more to share.

Anastasia x


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