A moving in wishlist

faux sheepskin // vanilla & coconut candle // tropical watermelon candle // amber & rose candle // cove cushion // sports luxe // leila cushion // dakota rug // round mirror // serving set // mug

It’s been a month now that I moved into a new place 🙂 After thorough research on Righmove and Zoopla we finally secured a flat in one of the best areas of Aberdeen and there is no looking back now 🙂
Never in a million years did I see myself moving in such a nice area. Since I moved in Aberdeen I have experienced interviews by estate agencies to approve me (or not) to rent a flat, competing with other potential tenants for the same flat and binding rent prices, but not anymore. As bad as it is, the oil crisis has had its benefits for people like me who are not involved with the oil industry and this is the only time I managed to get a flat without having to increase the rent or pay three rents plus deposit upfront. Oh the joys!
It’s a rental property so I cannot decorate the flat as I would do if it was mine but here’s what I am planning to get for the time being. Colours, colours and more colours-the Moroccan influence is deep into my bones after my recent trip.
Hopefully these will make the flat look more like “me”!

What are your favourite things to buy when moving in a new flat?



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