A throw back to Copenhagen!

A throw back to Copenhagen!
One thing that I love about excessive photo-taking (my favourite hobby if you must know), is that I can look back to my travel folders and reminisce all the good times we had. You have no idea how many times I read older posts about things we did (or not) during our trips, when I am asked to give advice about the places someone has to visit and things to do.
With more than a hundred images left in my camera card from our Spring trip to Copenhagen I thought it would only be appropriate to have a mini throwback to the beautiful Danish capital…


^ ^ the famous Paludan Book Cafe in the centre of the city, so comfortable and cozy! ^ ^

^ ^ trying to figure out how this renting bikes thing work ^ ^

Looking through these pictures it sort of feels like they were taken during autumn! The weather when we visited was kind of similar to how it looks outside the window today-cloudy and sunny interrupted by a few showers here and there.
Everything we ate and drunk in Copenhagen was delicious and oh, so fresh! Moreover, in this city I tasted the best coffee that I have ever tried in my life-light, not too milky and just as warm as it should be-no lip burning incidences happened! Every morning, on our way to the city centre we would grab a cup and then start our sight-seeing adventure. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the place to recommend it to you, so if anyone recognizes these cups please let me know in the comments 🙂
Now, let’s talk about museums and parks, boy doesn’t Copenhagen have an abundance of these? Even the churches were stunning and full of history, enough to make you stay for the evening and take pictures of every possible corner!

^ ^ The National Museum of Denmark had quite a spectacular inside garden ^ ^

Copenhagen, you blew our mind!
Anastasia x


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