A very Scottish wedding!

Last night we witnessed our dear friends Kyle and Georgia getting married in the Ceilidh Place in Ullapool.

Kyle and Georgia have been married for over a year now so this wasn’t their official wedding ceremony, but rather a celebration of their special relationship with their beloved ones all gathered together in this beautiful place in the northwest of Scotland.

We met at the Ceilidh place just after midday. The boys wore their individually patterned kilts, a sign of their family heritage, and toasted their champagne glasses in the balcony while the groom and bride were getting ready for the ceremony.

Champagne and vegetarian canapés were served to us and we chatted away in anticipation of the day and what was to follow…

A well travelled couple with many stamps on their passports and a few too many international moves on their backs, Kyle and Georgia had one of the most meaningful wedding ceremonies I’ve ever witnessed.

Influenced by Asian, European and Middle Eastern traditions, they chose to display their love and affection to each other with symbolic gestures like the bonding of arms and whisky drinking from a Quaich.

Drinking whisky from the same Quaich, also known as a ‘love cup’, shows trust among the couple and that the two become one. Symbolic of the sharing between the couple, it’s an ancient vessel used by two families or clans, to celebrate a bond, with each leader (the bride and the groom on this occasion) partaking of the offered drink.

The families also took place in the ceremony-the Mother of the groom read a poem about love by William Shakespeare, followed by the Mother of the bride and the bridesmaid reading a poem each that was very close to the couple.

The ceremony didn’t last much longer than an hour. We laughed and cried when they read their vows to each other and then it was time to call them ‘husband & wife’ and rain them with dried rose petals while they walked down the aisle.

It was a glorious moment, everyone cheered them up and wished them the best for this exciting new chapter ahead!

The beautiful bride wore a dress handmade by her Father while the groom wore a kilt and a traditional Indian shirt on top in honour of his family roots.

Then it was onto the fun part – food, speeches and LOADS of Ceilidh dancing!

As the newly weds are both vegetarians they designed a plant based menu around everyone’s diet requirements (gluten free, vegan, dairy and egg free) and it was one of the richest and most delicious vegetarian menu I’ve ever seen. They had everything from stuffed vine leaves to pickled figs and artichokes with green peas, all so mouthwatering we were left feeling so satisfied by the end of the meal!

And as you can see from Ross’s face in the picture above the dessert was mouthwatering too (sorry Ross too good not post! ?).

We danced Ceilidh up until the morning light and had one of the most joyfully nights in a long time.

To Kyle and Georgia, thank you for inviting us in this veryspecial night. May you live a long happy life together filled with many more adventures!



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