A weekend #washedinhappiness

When FatFace asked me to describe a weekend of happiness, it was an easy answer.
It has to be a weekend spent with the people I love in a beautiful place, ideally involving nice countryside views and delicious food. And it just happens that I had a weekend of such kind a few days ago. Conveniently it was Steven’s birthday as well, so we had an extra reason to be happy!

So here are a few reasons why this weekend was such a lovely one:

Steven making me laugh every single minute by mimicking funny accents and faces.

Managing to escape the rain against the weather forecast predictions.

Visiting Duddingston, a historic area in Edinburgh. It used to be a village but nowadays with the city expanding towards all directions it is more of a city suburb next to Arthur’s Seat than a village by itself.

The smiley gentleman at the entrance of Dr. Neil’s Gardens who opened the door and told us a bit about the history of the place.

Spotting the last of the wild flower blooms, with me picking up as many as possible and later on placing them in a vase on top of the fireplace in our living room.

Wearing chino crops in a lovely khaki colour that matched the countryside backgrounds and are too comfortable for words.

Along with an elegant white top that featured a beautiful (and quiet airy) lace front, making it most appropriate for this weather.

Beautiful sash windows covered with climbing rose bushes.

Celebrating Steven’s birthday on one of our favourite restaurants, The Blonde.

Making plans about getting a dog.

Browsing dog shelters to find a dog.

A lovely train ride from Edinburgh to Aberdeen that was relaxing for both of us since none of us had to drive and we could focus on reading our books.

A cup of hot tea upon our arrival to the flat (warm for me and hot for Steven).

This post was brought to you in collaboration with FatFace but all views expressed are mine.

Anastasia x


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