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me and Christy
and a picture of all of us!

Last weekend I had the pleasure to meet a few fellow bloggers from the city. We had been arranging this meeting for sometime over twitter (all thanks to lovely Karen), and then finally we got a date that suited all of us and met on Rye &Soda for brunch (all this last weekend, and the rest of the girls have already blogged about it, but thanks to my ten hour shifts this week I jump last on this posting train-sorry folks).
Our date was in the morning so I set up my alarm, jumped in the shower and got my white uniform on (aka white shorts and shirt), only to realise it was raining cats and dogs. Being determined not to let the weather ruin my mood I headed out of the flat and 10′ later I was outside Rye & Soda because (duh) Steven drive me in.
I arrived last on the table but I quickly got engaged in the girl’s conversation and before realising we started talking about blogging and other things about our lives, jobs…and babies, since Sarah and Karen are new mothers.
The bloggers I met are:
Karen from Tiny Bird Heart¬†who organised the #abzmeet and has her cute baby, Sorsha, appearing on the blog all the time ūüôā
Christy from Dinner Stories who I had the pleasure to meet last year and I was so happy to see again!
Laura from Laura whispering¬†who happens to be Christy’s sister ^-^
Amy from Teacups and Buttondrops who I pumped into the gym every day but never knew who she was..
Sam from Hello from Rose Bud Annie who loves baking #yum
and Sarah from Sarah Rooftops¬†¬†who has a lovely daughter, Matilda and documents their stories on her blog…

We stuffed ourselves and then after hours of chatting and tittle-tattling we promised to make this a monthly thing and get even more bloggers involved in our meetings. I love supporting blogger friends, so do have a look at their blogs, I am sure you will love them all!

Until the next one…



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