‘Natbee’s is an Aberdeen blog with a mission to inspire you to lead a happy lifestyle enriched with travel, creativity and taste. We focus on the little things that bring happiness, provide our readers with life & career advice and hope to inspire YOU to live life to the fullest! Our team is a good mix of people with different backgrounds and they all bring to Natbee’s a bit of their passion, taste and personality that we hope will guide you through this journey.’ Aberdeen bloggers team

Aberdeen bloggers team

ANASTASIA:: Founder & Creative Director

Anastasia is a passionate Aberdeen blogger. She is keen on exploring new places, sharing everything that is happening in Aberdeen, meeting people, lingering over dinners, hearing stories, petting dogs and studying Science! She holds a Doctorate in Biophysics and when not working in the laboratory she loves baking chocolate cakes and going on long dog walks with her puppy, Cruz around Scotland.

In an ideal world she would spend a year living in Australia.



Aberdeen bloggers team


JOANNE:: Social Media & Web Content Manager

Joanne is an Aberdeen blogger, avid salsa dancer and instructor. Currently she is studying for her MSc degree in Marketing whilst balancing social life and travelling. She posts under the ‘Let’s Chat‘ Series about life and advice and you can find on her on Instagram as @theedinburghlife

In an ideal world she would be one of The Beatles band members girlfriend (Still to decide whether it should be John or Paul). Aberdeen bloggers

Aberdeen bloggers

FREYA:: The Bookworm

Freya grew up in Cambridge, before studying English Literature at the university there. Since completing an MA at University College London last year, she’s found it impossible to sustain a life that doesn’t involve writing about books. So, she recently started her blog To be young is, which explores what it means to be young through posts about everything from tears and travel to novels and Netflix. You can find on her on Instagram as @tobeyoungis

In an ideal world she would move to Vancouver (accompanied by all of her friends, most of her books and her pet bunny, Cobweb).

Aberdeen bloggers team

ADAM:: The Student Traveler

Student by day and blogger by night. Adam writes for both his own blog, Adam Briggsy, and here on Natbees. When not in class or traveling he can be found wandering the streets of Norwich camera in hand in search of his next cup of coffee and Instagramming at @adambriggsy

In an ideal world he would be a living out of a suitcase traveling the world full time.Aberdeen bloggers team



Aberdeen bloggers team

Aberdeen bloggers team

 SOPHIA:: The Recipe Developer. Winner of the Marie Claire Blog Awards 2018!

Sophia is a teacher and food blogger at Oh my Deer! She loves illustrating, capturing moments, travelling and eating anything with pastry. Sophia enjoys exploring beautiful places with a backpack and her beloved ones.

In an ideal world she would be a magazine author and illustrator, and she would run a small café-patisserie in her hometown with her sisters.



Aberdeen bloggers

MARIA:: The Brunch Specialist. Award winner of the ‘Food Blog Awards’ Vima Magazine 2016!

In this life Maria is a struggling Master Student and dreamer in her own kitchen of Honey and Cinnamon. Maria can be found wandering around the streets of Zurich and Athens.

In an ideal world she would have invented a dessert that doesn’t make you fat and would have mastered the art of French Cuisine!Aberdeen bloggers team

Aberdeen bloggers team
FIONA:: The Mummy Blogger
Fiona is newly relocated back to her hometown of Aberdeen and is rediscovering the city with her little girl and husband.
She loves nothing more than curling up with a latte and a book, organising pretty much anything, dreaming of travelling and exploring all things wellness related.
She is also working on launching her own blog whenever her toddler naps!
In an ideal world.. Fiona would have a business empire and live in Italy with her family.Aberdeen bloggers team

SIA:: The Wishlist Creator

Sia is a 21 years old Philosophy, Education and Psychology student from Greece. She likes travelling, listening to music, going out with her friends, taking pictures, trying new dishes and challenging herself with new experiences.

In an ideal world she would design her own clothing brand!

Aberdeen bloggers team

Aberdeen bloggers team