It’s unbelievable what difference it makes to your mood and general life moving into a nice area-dare I say one of the best of Aberdeen! If you follow me on Instagram then you know that my blogging absence is due to my recent move-it took me 2 days to clean the house and make it my home but it was totally worth it. Not only I get to have my own place for the first time since I moved in Scotland but I also get to live in this lovely area. I can barely hold my excitement when I walk down the street-I got myself smiling this morning to strangers-possibly thinking there’s something wrong with me being smiley on a Monday morning.

I would have never imagined that Aberdeen can be so beautiful and less grey; there are so many beautiful cafes just outside my doorstep that I cannot wait to explore so on Sunday I met Sam and let her introduce me to the neighboorhood’s best spots.

She insisted on meeting at the Cafe Cognito and she was so right. I arrived first and got inside to have a look for a table and I could not believe in my eyes, a cafe equal to the London spots in Aberdeen!!!
We were greeted by friendly staff and the owner who is a lovely chatty lady. We sat by the window bar and had all the view for ourselves. I got a cappuccino and a chocolate/raspberry muffin for less than £4 and Sam got herbal tea. The muffin itself was just as wonderful as the coffee and one of the best 
I have tried in my time in Aberdeen.
We both kept saying what a wonderful surprise it is to find places like Cognito in Aberdeen 
and how it can uplift your mood.
I couldn’t recommend it enough!
Anastasia x


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