Aberdeen Instagram Tour with Olympus

Last Sunday, I hosted my first ever Instagram tour in Aberdeen with Olympus UK and despite the nerves and rainy weather I was beyond excited to meet this lovely bunch of fellow photographers who were keen on exploring the most Instagrammable corners of the beautiful city of Aberdeen with me!

You don’t take a photograph, you make it.

I remember playing with my first Olympus camera back when I was a primary school student. My dad, who is a keen photographer and runs the local photography group back in my hometown, had a black, stylish 35mm Olympus film camera that he would always take with him during our weekend, family excursion to the countryside. I remember him carrying it around his neck in a brown, tan, leather case. My sister and I, were not allowed to play with it at any point but when I was 12 years old, he finally trusted me and let me take it with me in an educational school trip to the nearby city. Needless to say, I felt like the coolest kid at school! When I got back home, Dad carefully checked if the camera was still fully functioning and at that very moment, I realised the value of it! Being trusted with Dad’s Olympus camera, I had my first, successful, encounter with what turned out to be one of my most passionate hobbies up until now.

It has been one of the dreamiest collaborations working with Olympus so far – I get to try their latest cameras and lenses, like the new OM-D E-M10 Mark III with the 45mm lens, learn tips from the Olympus team, and these past months I have developed my own photography and image editing style through loads of trials and errors these past months with these marvellous cameras.

OLYMPUS workshop in Scotland

Organising an Instagram photo tour around the city was much more fun than expected!

Once we finalised the numbers, I shared the news on my Instagram (admittedly I barely hold my excitement back, because how could I not!) and within the first few hours the tickets were sold out resulting in the Olympus team opening a few more spaces as I had people messaging me asking if I could find them a ticket! I was excited, overwhelmed with the people’s interest and support and started planning ahead the tour as soon as I had the final numbers of attendees.

The day of the tour I prayed not to rain, but it did. So with our raincoats and umbrellas in hand, we met outside the Music Hall and decided to improvise the original tour plan as there was no way of walking around the city and changing the camera settings every now and then whilst holding umbrellas.

After giving a brief introduction about the brand and the PEN generation and O-MD camera ranges that I had with me, I supplied each with a camera of their choice and off we went! Seeing as the majority preferred the PEN range (also known as the bloggers’ camera for its tilting screen camera feature delivering the best selfies!), I had the majority of the E-PL9 cameras disappearing from my bag and had two O-MDs all but to myself to play!

It was loads of fun getting to talk to people individually, tailor the camera settings to their preferences and just walk around chatting away about the city, social media and how the cameras felt.

The doggies, Cruz and Spot, were there too supervising the situation while being, accidentally dressed, with the same coloured, red raincoats.

Photographing Spot was such a pleasure! He was patient enough for me to change the camera settings and didn’t mind posing anytime I needed him to do so. We made quite the dream team!

Cruzy, on the other hand, was too eager and excited to explore so if not staring at Spot, he was pulling me towards all possible directions hoping to get a better sniff of the city corners and to get to meet as many people as possible.

An hour into our walk and miraculously the sun came out and the rain disappeared, just when we were heading into the most beautiful part of the city, Marischal College.

We spent a good half an hour playing with our cameras, posing for each other and focusing on micro- and macro- photography before we ended up at The Craftsman Company cafe for some coffee and cake followed by a Q&A about Olympus over coffee shots.

Olympus kindly offered me a few codes to share with you in case you are interested in immersing yourselves into the wonderful world of the Olympus cameras.

• NATBEES 150 to get £150 off any of the cameras HERE.

• NATBEES20 to get 20% off your purchases at the Olympus UK online store.

The codes are valid up until the 15th of October so hurry up!


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  • Jennifer
    October 14, 2019

    This is a beautiful city!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  • Chloe - New Girl in Toon
    October 21, 2019

    I’ve still never tried an Olympus PEN, I don’t really know why because everyone I know who has one takes the most beautiful photographs! It always seems like such a great camera and so much easier to carry about than my DSLR! One day I will probably invest!

    • Anastasia
      November 13, 2019

      Its a brilliant little tool for any blogger / online content creator. It fits in your bag and you can take it with you anywhere 🙂