Aberdeen to Manchester train rides

When it comes down to travelling I’d rather get the train ride than fly route. Even though I understand the physics involved and that my daily cycling commute to the office is more risky than flying, I still choose the train over any airplane. Tenacious, laughable, you name it!

As the train pulls in and out of cities watching the breathtaking countryside rolling by from my window I cannot help it but take as many pictures as humanly possible to keep a note of my trips. The blue sky, fluffy clouds and various shades of green all compose the best painting that has ever been painted. Nature’s gift to humans!

During our most recent trip to England we stayed in a beautiful bed and breakfast that was worth its post on my little corner in the internet. This old manor has great history and has been used for domestic and business purposes through out the years.

We arrived late at night and as we had to catch an early morning flight to Greece the next day, we got cosy and cuddled up in our room as soon as possible. We dropped our luggage, got our shoes off, made some tea (light sans milk for me and strong with milk and a dash of sugar for Steven) and hopped on our bed that felt the most comfortable ever!

We accompanied our tea with a rich version of almond and raisin biscotti while watching an episode of the BBC 4 series with Dr. Hannah Fry called “The Mathematics of Love”.

It was a dry and warm night so we left our windows open, set our alarms on and drifted off to sleep midst  listening to birds chirping and signing as the sun faded away, the most beautiful song when falling asleep…

Now tell me, do you prefer staying in modern design hotels or traditional bed & breakfast places?

Anastasia x 


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