Seeing as you liked my most recent weekend photo diary, I thought perhaps I could share another one, summing up what has happened this past weekend as it was a lovely one! These flour-less pancakes right there is what got me out of bed on Saturday morning. Made with almond flour and topped with berries, honey and peanut butter, they were the best thing to start the day.

Aberdeen weekend scenes Aberdeen weekend scenes

As a matter of fact, they were so good, Cruz was desperately begging to have a piece of them by stretching his paws on my leg and giving me the puppy eyes, but I am afraid you will have to wait until the end of this week when June’s vlog will go live to see more of his cute face.Aberdeen weekend scenesAberdeen weekend scenes

We put on our sandals and headed down Union Street and towards the beach, until we came upon a vintage buses display on Castlegate. Ranging from 1930’s to 1980’s, there was a wonderful collection of much loved and used buses to remind the older generation and educate the younger one. Bus driver veterans were standing in front of each of them ready to answer any questions one happen to have and kids were running in circles around them while others rushed to go behind the wheel for a selfie.

Aberdeen weekend scenes

I have no idea what else was on offer because Cruz was eager to get down the beach – I bet he could already smell the sea breeze – so we left the display and to the beach we went!

Aberdeen weekend scenesAberdeen weekend scenes Aberdeen weekend scenesAberdeen weekend scenes Aberdeen weekend scenes

We dipped our toes in the sea and soaked in the cold, salty water while Cruz was running around chasing seagulls who – how dare they – were trying to peck on his ball.

Aberdeen weekend scenes

Just when the sun hide behind the clouds and the sea breeze felt more intense we removed the sand off out feet, got our shoes back on and headed for some nibbles.

Speaking of sandals, this was the first time I wore these Hotter Shoes Tourist sandals and I absolutely loved them! I have the same pair in beige – which I got with me in Santorini a few years ago – so I kind of new how comfortable they are but I think this cow print makes them look much more stylish. I cannot wait to wear them with dresses when the weather gets a bit warmer…

Bella Italia AberdeenAberdeen weekend scenes

For food we went at Bella Italia at the beach promenade – I had the funghi crema pasta (with dollops of grated cheese as the picture above testifies) and a few refreshments. Just what I need to warm me up a bit before going back in the city centre!

Aberdeen weekend scenes

Sunday found us fixing a few things around the house, such as the bedroom mirror that I couldn’t manage to get on the wall by myself and the coat hanger in the hallway. I will do a more detailed post about the bedroom progress, so far I have showed you how I created an art wall gallery behind our bed but there is still more to be done including the alcove shelves that have taken over my life the past couple of months!!!

Aberdeen weekend scenes

^^ I got this picture for my Instagram Stories but I thought of showing you what I wore on Sunday morning here too ^^

Aberdeen weekend scenes

We spent the evening at Victoria Park, playing with Cruz, enjoying the rare appearance of a blue sky and taking in the last of the rhododendron views…

Here is Cruzy enjoying his belly rub way too much!

Aberdeen weekend scenesAberdeen weekend scenes

Then we went for a walk down Rosemount Viaduct in search of Oor Wullie statues up until His Majesty’s Theater. The above picture was taken by accident by my camera as I was trying to turn it off and without realising it, I touched the screen. I found it in my memory card just last night and I liked it, a bit too artistic maybe? What do you think?Aberdeen weekend scenes

For dinner I made Madeleine Shaw’s kale and halloumi salad with strawberry and white vinegar sauce and in contrast to my initial belief, it was DELICIOUS! I also made Greek zucchini fritters for the first time ever and they turned out to be so good I am going to give you the recipe in one of the next posts.

And that’s how our weekend went by. Back to a busy Monday now and ready to tackle the week.

How was your weekend?



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