The second day of our Venetian adventures, we woke up fresh, ready to process the last of the island, and re-visit the places we liked the most the past days. Steven and I promised to take it easy and just go along the way, no plans, no itineraries to follow. As a matter of fact, we even agreed not to take too many pictures, leave the camera resting in my bag and enjoy the moment. And as you might guess the plan worked for two hours or so! Venice is so beautiful it was practically impossible to not get my Olympus out. And I am hoping I can give you a glimpse into this by looking at this photo diary…

  ^ ^ typical Venice picture, but how could I resist? ^ ^
^ ^ A slightly bending door ^ ^
We wandered around for a long time until we reached Parco delle Rimembranze, which is a park at the end of the beach promenade built to remember the war heroes. It is not anything special and I would certainly not compare it to Jardin des Tuileries in Paris, but the view during the beach walk is fantastic, so I’d definitely recommend you visit it just for it!

After this we had a coffee break at Majer at via Garibaldi, which happened to have the most normal prices and best canolli in the island. I am going to put a mini travel guide tomorrow so you can take a note of this fabulous place.

Opposed to our initial agreement of me not taking too many pictures, I’ve ended up snaping approximately 100 images that evening. Call me obsessed, but if I see something remarkable then I have to take my camera out. And like Steven said ‘it’s just happened that everything is remarkable here right?’ Right my dear boy.

We celebrated our last hours with drinks by the canal and homemade gelato. Bliss!

Next, what I wore in Venice!
Anastasia x


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  • Ashlee
    February 27, 2017

    Your posts are amazing, reading this and it felt as if I was there with you!

    • Anastasia
      February 27, 2017

      Thank you! 🙂