An autumnal outfit

Well believe it or not, it’s been exactly 6 months since my last personal style post which is far too long if you ask me!

How long has it been since your last outfit post, the boyfriend asked me today as I handed him my camera to take a few outfit shots for me. It took me sometime to trace back when was the last time I actually asked someone to take pictures of my outfit and I couldn’t figure it out.

Three, four months, or more? I can’t remember, I said while scratching my head with confusion because indeed it must have been such a long time since I let someone else be behind the camera for me not to remember!

See, there is a valid reason for not taking outfit pictures, as I used to in the past, anymore. And the reason is as simple as this: I lost my interest in getting dressed to go out and have someone else take my pictures while I parade up and down the streets. My focus in life has shifted and being behind the camera is much more captivating than being in front of it.

I still enjoy getting dressed as I feel the way we get dressed explains a lot about the way we feel and reflects our moods and personalities, however, with my life evolving and changing, so did my interests and photography feels far more fascinating right now.

I love getting out and about with my camera in hand and taking picture of everything that captures my interest – from mature red berries to autumn leaves and Scottish castles I love anything that ‘writes‘ well in the camera and helps me make memories of these days out- and, in a way, I feel like I am expressing myself better through photography than through my personal style.

Add to this the fact that I don’t have a friend / (available) boyfriend / photographer that can take a few spontaneous pictures of my outfits whenever I feel like doing so and you get the whole picture.
While being a student I was blessed to have friends and colleagues who were more than happy to help me with the blog and take my pictures whenever I had a fashion style collaboration with a brand but since I graduated my life and daily routine has changed and so I adapted my style and swiftly changed the focus of the blog to lifestyle and travel instead of fashion, which aligns with my interests and current life focus.

I hope you don’t mind me for not being so frequent here anymore and I do hope that you enjoy my photography more than my style 🙂

Happy Sunday friends!



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