It’s been a week since I’ve been to Volos. A week of waking up in my own flat, finding my old self and, most importantly, a week of drinking frappe every single morning!

I hear you asking what is so special about frappe?

The beauty of frappe does not lie in its flavour but in the art of drinking it. See, ‘going for a frappe’ is a Greek ritual, much loved by Greeks since the day it was invented back in 1958.

To many, it’s like meditation. The act of focusing on something simple – the way the frothy top mixes with the milk when you swirl the straw in it and the sound of ice cubes touching the glass- while forgetting about the rest of the world and whatever is going on around you.

You sip a bit and then you spend the next five minutes staring at the sea views, the deep turquoise waters and the boats floating around the harbour.

You lose yourself into this very moment and slowly start thinking clearer. There are no distractions, no phones, no noise and you focus on the sole task in front of you – drinking frappe!

Volos seafront

As I type this, I sit at my favourite cafe at Volos seafront and it’s 30 degrees Celsius. There’s a much-welcomed breeze cooling me down and the seabirds are joyfully diving in and out of the salty water.

The seafront is not too crowded as it’s still working time for many people but this allows me to have the entire place to myself – uninterrupted seaviews and plenty of space to stretch my legs.

Some people cycle towards the sandy beach for a swim, while others are preparing their boats for the weekend. A visit to the Mamma Mia islands, that is Skiathos and Skopelos, is Volotians’ favourite past time for the weekend!

Had it not been for this frappe in front of me then I wouldn’t have been this mindful. I’d have consumed it robotically, as I do with my Starbucks coffee in Aberdeen and left after twenty minutes.

But this is not the case when drinking frappe in Greece. Time goes by slowly and at times it feels like the world has stopped.

So this is my ode to frappe. The act of unintentional mindfulness!


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  • Maria
    August 3, 2020

    This was a pleasant read. It sounds so relaxing and I’d give anything to experience it personally. Love how you distinguish between this frappe experience and your usual Starbucks drink that you consumer robotically. Hope you have a great week, Anastasia 🙂

  • hellen
    September 21, 2020

    So relaxing time!