Even in autumn (and especially if the weather is still good), there is nothing better than having a cup of coffee outside in the early morning hours. This kind of morning ritual, might not be equal in comparison to a warm, summer morning, but there is still something so delightful about waking up in the morning, having a quick shower, getting dolled up and popping in the neighbourhood’s cafe.
There’s a lovely, small cafe, just a five minutes walk from our place, Cafe Cognito (for which I blogged a few while ago, here), that serves us right when we feel like having an impromptu date with Steven. And one of these dates happened recently, when Steven and I popped in for cappuccinos and tray bakes. Of course Mr. Cruz came along and had his first try on dog’s ice-cream. He went MENTAL, all the way!

Cognito is beautiful, so many different cakes displayed (makes you wanna buy more than you should), and with fairy lights twinkling, it really is the cutest! After a short flirtation with the cakes, cupcakes and tray bakes variety (that are too good to resist), I got myself an oats, raisins flapjack and a latte, while Steven went for a blueberry cupcake and a cappuccino.

Next up Mr. Cruz’s ice-cream!

Seeing him eating it with such pleasure and excitement just made our hearts melt. I mean he is the cutest boy ever (and no I am not biased), but watching him being so happy, instantly makes you happy too, if you know what I mean.

Can he stay a puppy forever? Pleaseeeeeeee

Anastasia x


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