wearing: Parka, c/o Target Dry, backpack-Primark, denim-Topshop, top-Topshop, belt-vintage, Adidas StanSmith-Office, hedgehog necklace, c/o Misty Aurora, earrings,c/o The Purple Balloon

A crispy cold morning in the campus of the University of Aberdeen heralded the re-appearance of my most favourite purchase, the Georgia blue parka from Target Dry, that you have seen me wearing back in July, during the music festival season.

This parka is the most worn piece of my wardrobe during the cold summer evenings and fall days but sadly (and unfairly), the most underrated in terms of blog appearances.

Old Aberdeen felt so autumnal today with the various leaf colour changes, lower temperatures, gloomy atmosphere and the golden sun finding a way to shine through the tree branches.

Time has a way to stop in this place and autumnal days like today in particular make me feel blessed to work in this area.

Changing of seasons demands new shoes, right? Right! I couldn’t resist but get me another pair of Adidas shoes, the infamous Stan Smith this time and let me tell you that I haven’t stop wearing them since I got them the past weekend. New season also means time to get my cute hedgehog necklace and autumn leaves earrings back on the game. I couldn’t put this all together any better to create an effortless outfit.
Currently listening to Coldplay-Strawberry Swings-it has been voted as one of the Top songs to uplift your mood-and somehow it really works for me. This month has been really stressful as I am catching up with deadlines and projects so I hope you are still reading this blog despite the absence of regular posts. One day…

Happy Tuesday!


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