Autumn picnics.

Autumn picnics.


Well hello there, and happy Friday! How are you today? I am full of energy and motivation today and I hope you are too 

I don’t know about you, but September flew by really quickly, perhaps it is because I travelled to Greece, and then Glasgow and Loch Lomond. And now it feels like October is too flying past at a rate of knots! 

I am currently working on my Ph.D. and also working towards three exciting project for Natbee’s which I cannot wait to share with you all. Days go by in the blink of an eye since I work 24/7 to manage to do everything. Being a perfectionist can be good and bad at the same time, but lately I think I have pushed my self to my limits. So I decided to take an online detox for the day, and have an outdoors picnic despite the rainy weather.

Walking through crunching piles of orange leaves, listening to the sound of the woods and seeing Cruz chasing the black birds with much curiosity made me and Steven laugh so hard and forget about our jobs and daily routine.

With rainy days ahead, we seem to be sliding into winter rapidly, and for the first time in my life, I am so ready for Christmas! I have friends visiting over Christmas and I am so eager for the days that I can take my time in the mornings, snuggling with Cruz on the sofa and knitting.

We got our enamel mugs and a thermo with black tea, I wore my beautiful, yellow, raincoat from the LightHouse, which is simply perfect for these autumnal walks with impromptu rainy showers, and off we went. The season has been kind to us so far, however anywhere I go I take with me this red tartan scarf because it feels more like a blanket than a scarf and keeps me warm. Plus Cruz can also use it as a blanket, so win-win situation!

Now, tell me about you, anything exciting this weekend?


Anastasia is a Greek in Scotland via England! She’s passionate about life in Aberdeen, exploring new places and petting dogs. When not working she runs Natbee’s and enjoys countryside walks with her puppy Cruz.

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