wearing: jeans-Topshop, shoes-All Star Converse, backpack-Primark, jumper-c/o Dunedin, shirt-H&M, jacket-Zara
After moving to my new place-which is in a gorgeous area but far away my work-I cycle an hour daily forth and back. Picture me trying to over take a queue of cars during rush hour and while wearing a skirt or carrying a tote bag-not happening you guessed right. Bike=jeans+backpack and as much as I miss wearing dresses and skirts in the office, I sort of developed an adoration for backpacks and basic pieces of clothing. I got me this backpack from Primark for five quid and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the price on the till-high five for reductions.
In other news, there is a lack of activity here as I am catching up some deadlines at work, plus started some extra curriculum activities that keep me busy pretty much 24/7. I am hoping to jump back on the blogging train though very soon, don’t wanna disappoint my agent after all. Joking! I know I will….(or not).
Happy Friday everyone, another great day in Aberdeen!



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