How to spend an hour in Balmaha!

How to spend an hour in Balmaha!

Continuing from my previous post, after the end of our hike to Conic Hill, John from Experience Scotland’s Wild kindly took us on a stroll around Balmaha, a popular tourist destination village next to Loch Lomond, before ending up at St Mocha Cafe for coffee and cakes. Balmaha has been looking pretty good these days as it is in the middle of the festival, Balmaha’s Braw Weekend, a foodie family festival (filled with good food, great music and loads of puppies).

 ^ ^ the most unusual and cutest door handle! ^ ^
St Mocha Cafe is a new place that was named after the Gaelic Bealach Moc-ha, which translates as ‘The Pass of St. Mocha’ where the name Balmaha derives from. It is a lovely, small coffee shop that offers all kind of goodness from flat whites to delicious home baked cakes and ice cream parlour. Not to mention that the interior is made in the cutest possible way! The door handle is an old coffee filter holder for the espresso machine , and there is a beautiful wood decor inside the cafe. There are vintage, floral mugs hanging from the walls and the chairs are lined with tartan fabric, in case you forget you are in Scotland!
The coffees were good, John got a flat white and the rest of us filled up on cappuccinos. The barristas were very friendly and the stretchy sofas more welcoming than they should be! We snagged the window seat, and spend a good hour talking and observing people coming in and out (sometimes the queues were unbelievable!). And while we were enjoying our coffees, John ordered fine slices of cake for us, and it was just de-li-ci-ous!

I got the blueberry with freeze dried raspberry on top, which was delightful and made the rest be jealous for not getting one for themselves. 

Once we devoured our cakes and drunk our coffees, we decided it was time to experience the Brew Weekend Festival. We settled for a couple of beers under the sunshine before tasting handmade burgers that as Steven described them, they were mouth-watering. 

Balmaha Loch Lomond,
Balmaha Loch Lomond,

And that’s how our time in Balmaha was spent. You can spend more than an hour around the village, there are some lovely pubs and cafes to wander around and have a drink or something to eat. The location is stunning, in between Loch Lomond and the beautiful mountains. I seriously cannot wait to go back, and maybe I will have a slice (or two) of this cake again.


Balmaha Scotland

Have you ever been to Balmaha?



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