Balmoral Castle in Summer


Recently I had this panicky sense of running out of time, my job contract comes to an end so I will soon need to decide whether I am staying in Scotland or moving to another country/city/place.
With this in mind I sat down trying to put my thoughts in order and I decided to go with the flow and (cliche-I know) do what makes me happy, that in my case is, travelling.
And so I decided to explore a bit more of Scotland, starting from Aberdeenshire…

Balmoral castle, or else known as the “Scottish Home to the Royal Family” is a less than an hour drive outside the city of Aberdeen through the beautiful countryside, and it is just the perfect Saturday day trip.

The castle grounds have many open buildings for the visitors that exhibit life mementos of the royal family (I personally loved the pictures display wall), but sadly there is only one room open to the public from the actual Balmoral castle.

Even though I understand that this is a summer house of the royal family, not a museum, I would still like to be able as a visitor to explore a bit more of the inside.

Luckily the gardens and grounds are excellently maintained (and very pretty) and you can spend as much time as you wish exploring around or even having a picnic on the grass in front the castle! Just cross your fingers for blue skies and sunshine.

We went down the easy route, that’s coffee and donuts at the cafeteria.

Accepting that nothing is permanent has helped me cope through stress and difficulties in life. And it also has made me realise that you have to live in the moment and to the fullest! Travelling makes me alive, makes me see things that my imagination can’t reach and helps me expand my horizons by meeting other people and having new experiences. Never take things for granted (even the castles that are an hour away your city), go outside and play the tourist. You’ll be surprised how many things are waiting to be discovered….

(not my car, even though I’d love it to be!)

So here’s to more local exploring!


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