Beauty // Coconut beauty set by The Body Shop

This is one of my birthday gifts that my beloved friend Maria gave to me. It is a beauty set comprised by a coconut shower cream, body scrub, body butter and sponge. I love paying attention to my skin and I’m glad that Maria made sure to buy something related to my body skin care 🙂 I am very picky when it comes to fragrances but coconut is one of my favourites. The smell is sweet and feminine but not too much strong.
The body butter is thick and creamy, perfect for my dry skin. You only need to apply a little bit to nourish your skin. I am also thinking of using it to massage my hands and feet. The scrub is very effective and leaves a smooth, silky sense after rinse on my skin. As for the playful sponge and fruity shower cream, well they simply made the whole shower experience even more funny and enjoyable.

Have you ever used this product before?


Hugs and kisses


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