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This is my first hair care post ever and I don’t by any means claim to be a hair care expert but since many of you are asking me about my hair I thought this would be a great opportunity to show you my favourite products. Since I cut my hair last month, I have received tweets asking me about my hair care regime and also some asking me how I style my short hair. Let me start by saying that I don’t colour my hair and I think this helps it a lot to grow longer quicker and have a natural glow. Luckily,  there are some hair and colour protection products in the market but I believe it is equally important to take good care of your hair before you decide to colour it.
My most favourite products that have certainly helped my hair a lot are from Toni & Guy. The set involves a shampoo, conditioner, leave on conditioner (for when I am in a rush) and a texturising spray to create nice beach waves.  I received them before summer and was using them during my holidays and up until now. I can definitely say that it did make a difference, changing from my cheap shampoo from the pound shop. My hair hasn’t been better since then and even though I cut it recently I can see how quickly it is growing back!
Sadly everything comes with a price and these are not the cheapest products but I think it is good every now and then to treat yourself to something expensive, so why not invest in them?

Have you tried these products before?



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