Bedroom renovation

A little bedroom renovation with Photowall!

One of the first things I had in my mind when I made the decision to move from Scotland to Greece, was to renovate my flat.

It was a neglected space that I rent out for years and used as a holiday hut each time I’d fly home. Sure it had all the furniture and electrical devices needed to live in but it lacked taste and love. No one up until then spent the time or money to make it look a bit more of a home and there’s no better time than now, right? Right!

Forgotten Beauty Photowall Wallpaper

Buying a new bed and bedside table was the first thing I did. Then, changing the closet handles and wall sockets followed and, last but not least, sanding the floor. The bedroom was now looking much better but still, there was something missing to complete the room.

A feature wall!

Forgotten Beauty Photowall wallpaper

So, when Photowall got in touch with me asking if I’d like to work with them on this, I jumped on the chance and did a little happy dance in the middle of the floor.

Photowall offers such a great variety of wallpapers, it took me 2 days to make a decision but I finally ordered the Premium Forgotten Beauty in Green & Cream for its classy pattern. Even though I have never installed wallpaper before, the package included all the tools needed, the glue, and instructions, the whole process was easier than I ever thought!

Actually, it was that easy it makes me wonder why I haven’t done it earlier!

I did a step-by-step tutorial with pictures on my Instagram Stories, if you want to have a look (now saved under the ‘Interiors #2′ highlighted album) but here are a few things that helped me a lot.



As I mentioned, the wallpaper came with a second package that included all the essential tools and materials, from glue to brushes to paper cutters, everything I needed was there.

Prior to placing my order, I gave the wall dimensions to Photowall so the design and wallpaper dimensions were customized. This means that it had clear lines of where I should cut each strip and that I didn’t have to worry about missing the pattern.


That made the whole task so much easier. All I did was unroll the wallpaper, cut the strips and layer them on top of each other before putting my hands on the task.

I removed the sockets and made sure the wall is clear. Then I prepared the glue.

Making and applying the glue was super easy. There are clear instructions on how to mix the glue powder with water and the brushes help a lot when it comes to applying it all over the wall.

The first strip was the most difficult to apply, purely because I wasn’t sure I was doing the right thing, but once it stuck in the wall, I knew that was it! It took me around 45′ to finish the wall and once it was all covered I couldn’t believe what a difference it made.

Now, each morning I look at the wallpaper reflection on the mirror opposite the bed and can’t help but admire it for a few minutes ✨.

This house finally feels a bit more like home!

If you would like a quick room renovation, I cannot reccommend Photowall enough! Use the code natbees25 and you will get a 25% discount on any product on their website (valid until the 10.04.2021).


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  • Maria
    March 16, 2021

    This renovation turned out so pretty. Your wallpaper looks lovely. How convenient that your wallpaper order came with all the tools you needed to complete the project 🙂