Birthday Girl

One year older, one year wiser, with more wrinkles/freckles but far way more experiences.
Unlike the previous years this time I got to celebrate my birthday, not only once but twice!
On the actual day we gathered at my place and held a party with my boyfriend, his brother and flatmates. There were bottles of prosecco, pizza and a birthday cake to sparkle the night and we finished it off with an epic selfie that summarises the mood of the night….
…and then it was the time to celebrate my birthday with Steven’s family 🙂 so his parents took me, Steven and his brothers to Granite Park, a posh restaurant-that had the worst service ever for the prices they ask-but it was great fun to be all together and enjoy each other’s company. The dessert was good so made the night even better and for once I got to celebrate twice with so many people on different occasions! I am grateful for all the people that surround me and love me every single day. I feel so blessed right now 🙂



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